Mobile App Development

The digital world is constantly developing with the advent of new technologies. Currently, an estimated 3.8 billion people are smartphone users. This tilt towards mobile usage has engulfed the tech companies in a competition to perform better and invest excessively in mobile app development. Businesses are gradually switching to mobile applications and digital gadgets. Hence they create more user-friendly mobile applications to facilitate the masses and to compete with the market trends successfully. According to statistics recorded by App Annie, there is an 825% higher IPO valuation for the startups that launch a mobile application as compared to the non-mobile application startups.

This increased competition among businesses has made the mobile development procedure more challenging for companies. Hence, they experiment with mobile application development and often lag due to a lack of innovative ideas, expertise, and direction. There are several hurdles in the way of developing a responsive and user-friendly mobile app. This blog discusses the 5 main challenges of mobile app development and also delineates their respective solutions.

Targeting the Right Audience

Serious efforts are invested in the development of any mobile application. Yet there are significant challenges that must be addressed before getting into this strenuous process. The developers often do not know the right kind of audience to target. It is essential to know the target audience and hook their interest early on. If the app does not reach the target audience, the results received are often disappointing. Therefore, to get the best outcome, the developers must research and understand the user persona.

To get accurate development directions, mobile app developers can create user-friendly questions before starting. The following questions can solve half of the troubles:

  • For whom is this mobile app most useful?
  • What is the purpose of creating this app?
  • Which is the best feature that makes the app useful enough?
  • Is the app beneficial?
  • Does it fulfill all the user requirements?

Providing Equal Compatibility on all Devices

The compatibility issues often arise when the working capability of the application is not monitored on all devices. Often an app is installed perfectly on an android device but refuses compatibility with iOS. Companies need to ensure the efficiency of applications on all devices. If there are no compatibility issues, the apps are widely used as they are installed by more users and accept installation on all devices. The question is, what causes these compatibility challenges?

The unsupportive bug fixing feature or an outdated or large size mobile app brings forward the compatibility challenge. However, It can be resolved by adjusting the application’s size, resolution, pixels, and dimensions.

Implementing Proper Advertising and Marketing Techniques

Do you know the significance of right marketing for your app? This is something that should never be underestimated. According to Digital Examiner, 51% of advertisers’ marketing budget was spent on mobile app advertising in 2021. There are 2.87 million mobile apps on the Google Play store and the app market is constantly growing with a user spending of $120B on mobile apps. If the marketing is done inadequately, all the efforts of developing an app go in vain. It is important to understand what a user expects from the app. Advertising the app according to the users’ needs is the trick to getting a good response.

Here are some influential steps that can prove to be a game-changer in advertising your mobile app

  • Give a catch-phrase to your mobile app that defines it
  • Start advertising the app with teasers
  • Present a video introduction of the app
  • Create a blog to let users know more about it
  • Use popular social media channels to promote the app
  • Ask users to give reviews

Finding Competent Developers

Mobile app development competency is new to many developers. The recruitment of competent developers stands as a major challenge in the mobile app development process. If the developer is not technically skilled enough to meet the app development goals, nothing would make the process successful. The developing team has to be familiar with all the technicalities of developing a mobile responsive app. Hiring the wrong developer and creating an application software using low-level programming can further bring more challenges. The developers need to have active experience in app programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, C++, HTML, and CSS. They must also know the rules to integrate AMP with their mobile app.

It is challenging to hire the best developers, however, a few options can be considered as a viable solution:

  • Outsource app development process
  • Consider only experienced candidates
  • Increase your budget to pick the qualified developers
  • Set evaluation criteria before selecting the developers

Consulting IT experts for Outsourcing your app development process can ease the challenge. Currently, only 26% of organizations are working in-house for mobile app development and 55% are using mixed sourcing.

Data Security and Authentication

Cyber-security issues have immensely increased over time. At present, mobile app security is a vertical challenge. It takes effort to develop an app the hacker can access the code and hack the app. Hacking an app can give access to users’ data including their current location information, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and bank account details. Hence developing a secure app is the real challenge behind mobile app development. Surveys show that 11.6 million devices are affected by malicious app codes.

Mobile applications that are used to access the organization’s data and networks require tight security measures. Strict privacy policies and data governance rules are the need of the hour to counter and thwart any app security threats. Developing a Mobile Device Management system (MDM) can be useful in this regard as it can bolster authentication and security measures.

Searching Viable Options for Mobile App Development?

Businesses across the globe require the fastest technical solutions to compete with the market trends these days and mobile app developmentis vital for the promotion of any business, especially, startups. However, there are multiple challenges in the way of successful mobile application development. Hiring professional developers can assist in warding these challenges off. A well-developed mobile app can generate high revenue for businesses. But businesses may lack the required skill-set for in-house app development . We at Outsourcing4work, provide professional IT consultancy services and we connect you to expert app development professionals to facilitate your needs. Visit our website for more information!