Looking for an App developer

If you are looking for an app developer you are not alone. Hardly any other sector in IT is experiencing as big a boom as the one for mobile apps. Because this trend is still relatively young, the high demand is being met by a highly growing supply, yet it is still not enough – especially in the area of high-quality apps.

The strong upheavals of the mobile sector has caused app developers to often re-orient and continuously educate themselves. A look at the statistics from NetMarketShare illustrates the dramatic process in the mobile sector.

Today more app developers are needed than just a few years ago

While seven years ago there was a high demand for Symbian app developers for Nokia’s smartphone interface, this field is now virtually dead. Symbian used to be the market leader, nowadays Android dominates the market with over 60%. Symbian has not been developed any further since 2014, which Nokia decided to use the relatively new Windows Phone system from Microsoft.

It’s almost just as disastrous for the then business phone market leader, BlackBerry. Its 20% market share in 2009 has now reduced to a meagre 1.5%. There is currently a well-maintained system with BlackBerry 10, however there are hardly any new BlackBerry apps developed and nearly zero demand for a BlackBerry app developer. Since many app developers focus on Android and iOS, it is no longer easy to find a BlackBerry developer experienced in the latest version.

iOS and Android app developers are the most wanted

According to market data from January 2016, Android holds a market share of nearly 60% and iOS nearly 33%. Both systems cover nearly the entire market for mobile devices, which means that any app developers sought are primarily for these platforms. Only Windows Phone plays a special role, despite its low market share, and is kept alive by Microsoft with large amounts of money.

There are still opportunities here for app developers however, as Microsoft is providing a common app platform for mobile devices and desktop computers with the Universal Windows app model. Microsoft has also released porting tools such as the new iOS to Windows 10 App Bridge to make app development for Windows apps as easy as possible for developers. You can therefore assume that Windows app developers will continue to be sought after.

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