App costs and saving opportunities

Whether developing an app in-house or with the help of an external agency, it will definitely lead to higher costs because the market for mobile devices and the corresponding apps is constantly booming.

It’s not possible to give a standard answer to what it costs to develop an app, it depends on the range of functions and the operating system. If you develop an app for iOS and Android the app development cost is about the same. On less platforms such as the Windows Phone or BlackBerry you might have to calculate with premium rates, as developers are harder to find.

The following details are extra for the app development cost

  • The design of the app can either be done by you yourself, or transferred to the developer. The design is mainly the backgrounds, icons and the menu structure. Many design elements are already given for mobile operating systems, so you can either do this work yourself or give it over to an affordable graphic designer.
  • If the app requires an external data source such as a web server, a database or similar, this requires extra effort. If the app uses existing data sources from other providers via an API, the app development cost will be less.
  • User accounts and login systems for personalized services.
  • In app purchases are often a trick to offer apps for free to later earn extra for additional functions.
  • Synchronization across multiple devices is also a function that pushes up the app development cost.

Orientation values: calculate with these costs

Alex Ahlund, former CEO of AppVee, wrote in a guest article for the website TechCrunch, that a survey of 96 app developers gives the cost of an average app as about $6,453. Other sources such as OS X Daily give a price between 3,000 and 8,000 dollars for a simple app.

However, it can be significantly cheaper! If you outsource app development to India, you pay much less.

Outsourcing for app development: keep costs under control!

Outsourcing4work helps you fully develop small or large app projects in India. It doesn’t matter if you have one or more platforms in mind or if you want special functions.

We can provide you with mobile app developers on a temporary or, on request, a dedicated basis. An entire team of app developers for complex app projects is also possible with a branch (light). We have the necessary expertise and the suitable partner for projects of every size.

Thanks to contracts with a European company and our experienced project managers you will always be on the safe side.