If you want to find a good app developer, there are some important points to keep in mind. Nowadays, there are as many app developers as there are grains of sand on the beach, and to make sure that your app is a success, you should follow some selection criteria in your search.

It will be significantly easier to find an app developer if you have a specific app strategy already defined before you start. Should your app be a free service or fun application for advertising, should the app generate revenue or are you planning a services app with hard to find special functions?

Finding an app developer: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile?

One of the most important decisions is of course the target platform. You will be able to reach many more users with Android, iOS allows higher margins for paid apps and with Windows Mobile you can publish a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP) at the same time for desktop computers, Windows smartphones and tablets, in addition to the Xbox One. Oh yes, and BlackBerry, which I only mention to give a complete list.

If you would like to find an app developer who can publish your app simultaneously for every possible platform, in addition to a web application, then this is a great thing. To keep costs in check, it is best to start with Android or iOS so that you can improve the app on the basis of user feedback. There are often errors in first versions, or important user functions that are simply forgotten.

If you are planning a roll out across multiple platforms, it is helpful to find an app developer who is specialised in hybrid apps, and/or works with a development framework which lets you develop apps for multiple systems.

Finding an app developer for hybrid and native apps

For native apps the application developer uses a “native” programming language that is compatible with the system and focuses on exact specifications for the hardware to control things such as the processor, memory management and other components such as the camera.

Objective-C is used in iOS while Java is used for Android devices. Apps can be immediately implemented in multiple languages in Windows, C++, Visual C# and the .NET development environment is particularly popular.

Hybrid apps let the software developer combine the advantages of web apps and native application development. A native wrapper is written in the language understood by the target platform and provides an expanded access to the hardware as an interface to the operating system, and acts as a kind of sandbox for the performance. A website is then placed into the wrapper which consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and only accesses the device hardware indirectly.

Hybrid apps are easy to create for multiple platforms, but are not as performant as native apps and generally require an internet connection.

How to find a good Indian app developer

If you would like to find an affordable app developer, India is a good starting point. Whether for only one or multiple platforms, Outsourcing4work can organise a specialised Indian software developer for all kinds of app development.

This can be app developers for a project at a fixed-price, as temporary employees or as an offshore branch (light) with a complete team in India.  We will find the best solution for you according to the scope and tasks of your app project.

Our European project managers will ensure that everything runs smoothly after concluding the contract. All contracts are concluded with us as a European IT Outsourcing provider, which means you will always be on the safe side legally.