Software developer as an outsourcing professional

It’s usually a time-consuming task: software developers are not easy to find as the demand for these highly qualified specialists is simply too big. The result is very long recruitment stages, and in some cases it may take up to six months or even a year to find the right candidate.

Software developers also require very high salaries, which makes the search even more difficult. Many companies have a very limited financial scope, which does not often allow them to pay an individual more to fill a vacancy faster.

Help! Software developer wanted!”

In the coming years you can expect it to become even more difficult to find a software developer, if you believe the statistics from the German Industry and Telecommunications industry BITKOM. In 2015 there were 43,000 vacant positions for IT specialists; this is a significant increase in comparison to 2014./p>

Instead of despairing in the search for a software developer, many companies have come up with fallback strategies to fill their needs in a different way. Some companies have started their own training programs to educate inexperienced university graduates themselves. Others use freelancers to strengthen their teams.

While training and further education in-house is really only an option for larger companies, full or partial Outsourcing of software development is much more flexible and therefore interesting for smaller companies.

Offshore Outsourcing to an affordable provider from India is an especially attractive option rather than using local software developers who work as freelancers. European software developers who work as freelancers can be found much quicker and hired more flexibly. For a project realised in this fashion, you will need to reach a bit deeper into your pockets than for a permanently employed member of staff.

Software developer wanted – a professional, but cheap”

A sample calculation for the web programming language PHP illustrates the difference: a permanently employed PHP software developer with a computer science degree and multiple years of experience will cost around € 78,000 – including any additional salary costs and other expected costs such as holiday, sick leave, workplace pension, etc.

With an average of 205 working days per year, and 7 hours productive working time a day, this makes an hourly wage of €54. If you hire a European PHP professional as a freelancer out of necessity, you can assume they will charge an hourly rate of 65 euros.

If you compare that to a similarly qualified Indian PHP developer, they will only charge an hourly rate of 20 euros – less than a third of the price. Therefore, it is worth it to expand the search to an international level – especially to India, where you can easily find a highly qualified developer for every imaginable language.

Software developers: targeted procurement instead of haphazard search

If you are looking for an Indian software developer and are in new territory with Outsourcing, we can help you get started with our comprehensive approach. Outsourcing4work can organise an experienced Java, C/C++/C#, PHP, Python or any other kind of software developer for you.

But we don’t leave you alone once we have found you a suitable candidate. As your direct European contract partner we also take over the responsibility for a professional implementation of your project. We employ our own project managers who work with Agile/Scrum and who will take be responsible for every detail of your project. Thanks to their many years of experience in project management with Indian software developers they can circumnavigate many potential problems before they arise.

And in terms of the employment model, you will remain flexible with us. You can realise projects at a fixed price or on an hourly basis with us. You can also hire a complete team of Indian software developers who will work exclusively for you in India.