Indian Filemake Developers team

FileMaker developers have been benefitting from the boom in Apple products for years. In contrast to its main competitor Microsoft Access, FileMaker is also available for iOS and Mac OS X and offers companies an uncomplicated approach which is not confined to purely Microsoft or Apple products. This allowed the database software to establish itself as the most popular cross-platform solution.

FileMaker developers benefit from the weaknesses of Microsoft Access

In the creative field, FileMaker users greatly appreciate the excellent control, even over iPhone and iPad. Microsoft Access can be used on corresponding Windows Tablet hardware. The choice of Apple devices was reached due to their other apps and their larger selection and higher quality, especially in the mobile sector.

In addition, Microsoft Access is not available for Windows Mobile. Microsoft uses SQL Server CE and the .NET Compact Framework for Windows Mobile. The combined use of Windows and Windows mobile requires significantly more effort and expertise when it comes to databases. The problem is well illustrated by Microsoft’s dubious workaround suggestion: Access users can export their data in Excel tables in order to access it via Windows Mobile. However this method is completely unsuitable for productive work and data processing, and the suggestion is a bit embarrassing.

Demand for FileMaker developers is on the rise

FileMaker developers benefit from the flexibility of the database software and the unstoppable popularity of Apple products. Their work is similar to other database products – here is a small selection of a FileMaker developer’s usual tasks:

  • Create, revise and optimise data structures
  • Design user layouts depending on user and group privileges
  • Model and optimise complex databases on a modular basis
  • Illustrate calculation rules and evaluation functions
  • Model and program processes
  • Optimise the programming for web publishing
  • Program with external functions (plug-ins)

They also take over the administration of the FileMaker Server under the operating system of choice. They will also be expected to know JDBC and the proprietary FileMaker WebDirect, as well as ODBD Standard, in order to use APIs and other access concepts. PHP is mainly used as the programming language in FileMaker.

This type of specialist knowledge comes at a price, and FileMaker developers are very expensive. Fortunately, the worldwide distribution of FileMaker and the training and certifications offered around the globe by the manufacturers ensure a uniform standard of quality and comparability. FileMaker developers can therefore be found relatively easily as Outsourcing professionals.

Indian FileMaker developers are especially popular in the field of IT offshoring. IT professionals are not just unbeatably affordable, but they also have many years of experience in similar projects, can easily communicate in English and have an excellent reputation thanks to the booming Indian IT sector.

India has not developed into the world’s leader of IT Outsourcing services for nothing: around 55% of all global IT Outsourcing activities are carried out in India.

We procure Indian FileMaker developers

If you are looking for developers, we at Outsourcing4work can easily help you further. We have many years of experience with IT Outsourcing to India and offer a wide range of additional services in a comprehensive package, in addition to procurement.

We not only provide you with a FileMaker developer fitting your exact project, but we also take over the complete contractual development and payment. This saves you bureaucracy and organisation, and also ensures your legal certainty. You conclude all contracts directly with us – we then take care of the rest of the details.

Our employment models are also set according to our client’s needs. You can hire one or more FileMaker developers for a project at a fixed price or simply the necessary employees on a temporary basis. We will also build you your own branch (light) for very complex projects. The branch is made up of an entire team of IT professionals who will work exclusively for you.