WordPress templates for every need

WordPress templates securely set the basic design and the structure of the WordPress website. The popular content management system (CMS) is based on a modular approach, which lets the free software package take care of data management and back end features itself. The design that is viewed by the user later is set by a template or theme which will also need to be installed.

Other functions can also be installed with plugins. Although some plugins also include stylistic elements on websites, the functional aspect is the main focus. Therefore, every WordPress page requires a single template while the plugins are option and can be easily used simultaneously. When installing the CMS you will receive the current WordPress template, which is then automatically activated. However, you will not be able to operate anything more than a simple blog with that.

WordPress templates for every need

You have access to thousands of WordPress templates through a database already installed in WordPress, which allow you to realise a wide variety of websites. In addition to the usual blog design which lists articles in chronological order, you can also find templates for portfolio websites, news pages in a journal style and types optimised for e-commerce. There are also specially tailored WordPress themes for photographers, musicians and other artists which help you artfully arrange your contents.

However, many of these free templates only appear suitable at first glance, and some are even obsolete. You will quickly see their weaknesses during setup. They generally only have very few modifiable options for fonts, colours, spacing, static pages, topic blocks, advertisements and more. If you want to change something important on the design, you can only do this through complex code adjustments.

Responsive design, which refers to the dynamic adjustment of the presentation on smaller displays (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is usually also lacking or is inadequately implemented. These kinds of WordPress templates are therefore unsuitable for professional online presences. Other aspects that are also not obvious at first glance are those such as optimising for quicker loading time or code-based SEO optimisation for Google and other search engines.

A WordPress template will need to the conform to the Schema.org ontology so that individual content such as articles or static pages can be easily ready by search engines and other services such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a mark-up language for structuring web pages that lets individual content (title, author, date, page name, list, search field, comments, country codes, etc.) be accurately classified. This is essential for websites that are strongly based on content, such as new sites so that content can be quickly, accurately and fully indexed.

Professional WordPress templates and custom-made orders

You should invest some money into creating a good WordPress template for professional purposes. Generally, expensive themes off the rack will cost about US $70. However – the price alone doesn’t say much about the usability. You should know exactly what you are looking for when you select a suitable template. There are thousands of different offers for every possible type of website, and new ones are added every day. Online research and looking at leader boards and product tests won’t be very helpful; they are only marginally relevant at best.

Only a web designer with good WordPress experience, and who has already developed many pages, is able to deliver a good product. They can put together a list of suitable themes according to pre-established criteria, and can make the selection together with you. You will never find the perfect WordPress template – even the best templates will have their weak spots.

If you have special requirements that do not have a suitable WordPress template, you will need a specialist who can take on the development and customisation work. It’s also recommended to use an expert to skilfully setup a website with a WordPress template. Only hobbyists with lots of free time should even attempt to set up a site, which can easily take hundreds of hours to complete. Professionals will be significantly faster and cheaper.

Custom designing a WordPress template is rarely the right option. If you don’t require something very unusual, such as a social network or an interactive multimedia site, it’s better to simply modify existing WordPress templates. A good web developer can easily make these modifications and save a lot of effort.

If you would really like to undertake complete in-house WordPress template development, you should make sure that WordPress is really the right platform for you. Perhaps you need a PHP-based standalone web application that can be easily connected with a WordPress installation for specific content. You should always keep the costs in mind for all custom developments. WordPress is constantly evolving, and your WordPress page will require occasional updates for security reasons. This also applies to your WordPress template in order to ensure compatibility with later WordPress versions.

Indian WordPress template developers

WordPress developers, as well as theme developers, are expensive. In order to keep costs under control, Outsourcing the technical work to Indian specialists is a good alternative. You can easily find suitable workers in the Asian country thanks to WordPress’s popularity, and can realise complex projects at a fraction of the price in Europe.

Outsourcing4work has specialised in the procurement of Indian IT professionals, and has many years of experience in the area of CMS. No matter if you want to select a WordPress template, or create or optimise an entire WordPress page: we will easily find an expert who meets your requirements.

You can conveniently conclude the contract with us as a European company, and we then take care of the rest. We also don’t leave you alone during the implementation stage: our Scrum project managers will be by your side throughout the process. We are very invested in the satisfaction and success of our clients, and know the obstacles that can stand in the way of Outsourcing IT projects.