WordPress plugins are an essential part of every professional WordPress website, even though the popular content management system has everything you need for standard blogging. This is hardly enough for large jobs however, and if you want to set up a truly professional website, you will need plugins as well as an attractive template.

WordPress plugins expand the CMS with essential and practical functions. Every experienced WordPress developer has their own standard list of plugins that they install at the start of nearly every website. Security-related plugins which protect WordPress against hackers and bot networks are some of the most important.

WordPress plugins – start with security

PHP code injection is the magic word. WordPress is, by its nature, less secure and has many vulnerabilities which cybercriminals are happy to exploit. And none of this happens manually. Bot systems continuously search the internet for unsecure WordPress pages and test these web sites automatically for any security vulnerabilities. (WordPress is very exposed as the leading CMS; currently at least one-fourth of the internet runs on WordPress.) The attacker injects PHP code anywhere in WordPress, from which they can then execute scripts for phishing attacks and spam campaigns.

There are a number of security-related plugins which can protect against attacks such as these. They can be All in One WordPress Security or Wordfence, a firewall solution which can avert DoS attacks or crawlers. Backup tools such as UpdraftPlus (for the database or the entire site) and performance plugins are also part of the basic equipment of every WordPress page.

WordPress is not made for many simultaneous page requests and they can quickly bring the powerful web server to its knees. The solution is code-optimised plugins which add features such as CSS Minify or Conditional Load, and especially cache plugins such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. These convert the otherwise dynamic views of the WordPress page to static files whenever possible, which are then sent directly from the web server to the page visitor

Special WordPress plugins for mobile page optimisation as well as for the connection to content delivery networks let the whole thing be expanded. These networks then create cache/static files on servers worldwide so that they can load quickly even at a distance.

Secondary WordPress plugins: design, features and special functions

Once the basic protection and performance optimisation has been taken care of by the suitable WordPress plugins, it’s time to look at further enhancements – depending on the type of website. Content-heavy sites such as news websites could benefit from plugins for AMP (quick downloadable mobile views), PubSubHubbub (instant notification/push for new content) and extensions for automatic publishing on social networks.

In turn, community web pages can use WordPress plugins for user management and the optimised control on of all contributing authors or registered users on a page. E-commerce pages have different challenges, as well as WordPress websites for artists who would like to successfully present multimedia content.

If the goal is to earn money by advertising through the website, plugins to integrate banner ads are a must. Big players will operate their own ad server which selects and displays ads according to specific criteria. WordPress does not have any support for any of this, and a webmaster will have to spend many tedious hours upgrading the features.

Expert knowledge for WordPress plugins from India

Most users can just about manage to set up a WordPress page. Many web hosts also already offer automatic installation routines. Expert selection and plugin setup however requires certain expertise. If it concerns the new WordPress plugin development, then you will need a real professional.

Luckily, you can hire one at a relatively low rate – by using Indian IT professionals who offer their services on the global Outsourcing market. To make this worthwhile, you should be a large company. Even just the professional set up of security and performance plugins can be a great benefit for many page operators.

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