Professional Wordpress Developers

You can find a professional WordPress developer through WordPress Outsourcing to India, all without high costs. The worldwide popularity of the content management system (CMS) makes it much easier to find the right professionals, and experienced WordPress developers can be found in all corners of the globe.

According to user statistics for CMS systems, WordPress is by far the most popular system. According to statistics from W3Techs, WordPress has a whopping market share of nearly 60%, and if you can believe the numbers, a global share of nearly 26% of all websites run on the popular CMS.

WordPress Outsourcing for new websites, maintenance and optimisation

WordPress Outsourcing can be used very flexibly thanks to its various contract models, and creating new websites is only one form of it. For less complex website projects, you or an employee can do at least some of the basic set up yourselves.

The easy installation and the modular approach of WordPress enable virtually anyone to set up their own website, even without any programming skills. Every WordPress website uses a combination of WordPress software for the interface and templates for the basic design, as well as plugins for the individual features and elements.

WordPress Outsourcing to India is so affordable that it is well worth it to hand over complete setup to a suitable web designer or WordPress developer. It can also be worthwhile to hire a specialist for the maintenance and optimisation of an existing WordPress website. Performance, security and regular maintenance are the main focus points for a developer.

WordPress Outsourcing to strengthen your security

WordPress suffers from more hacker attacks than any other CMS, and the CMS is hacked 24% more often than other products. One reason for this is its high popularity, just like Windows or Android. Hackers specialise in mass-produced goods because the yield from automated attacks is usually much higher. Only security plugins (such as Wordfence, All in One WP Security & Firewall) or manual modifications to the CMS code can protect a WordPress website against manual or automated attacks. A website can be secured with the right WordPress Outsourcing.

WordPress Outsourcing for maintenance

If you don’t keep your WordPress page up to date, vulnerabilities will arise that hackers can exploit. In addition, plugins that are no longer compatible can lead to problems with the functions of the website. Therefore, regular WordPress maintenance is a must.

This includes updates for the CMS itself, the templates and installed plugins, regular backups, regular database optimisation and, depending on the situation, statistics analysis and log files.

WordPress Outsourcing for performance optimisation

A WordPress specialist can optimise your webserver, the PHP and MySQL installations and WordPress itself for better performance. This almost always includes the use of Minify and caching plugins. Websites with many page views from various countries can increase accessibility and reduce loading times with a content delivery network (CDN) such as CloudFlare.

Since all of the activities described above are done completely online, you can easily use an affordable offshore provider in India. If you are interested in WordPress Outsourcing to India, we at Outsourcing4work are happy to take over finding a suitable provider for you.

We have specialised in the recruitment of Indian professionals and will easily find a suitable expert for your project. You can book a WordPress specialist in India at a fixed rate, or hire an engineer on an hourly basis. We offer all Outsourcing options and our project managers guarantee professional implementation. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.