Wordpress Freelancer from India

What differentiates a WordPress expert from a mediocre web designer who also creates WordPress pages? If you have a clear answer to this question, then it is significantly easier to select the right freelancer for your website project. A basic understanding of WordPress is essential to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Nowadays WordPress is the undisputed market leader among content management systems (CMS), and according to statistics from W3Techs it now has an impressive market share of nearly 60%. Globally, over 26 percent of all internet websites use WordPress.

WordPress experts: expertise for CMS + templates + plugins + code

WordPress is very flexible thanks to its modular approach. The open-source software provides the functional basic structure and a back end for managing and publishing content. WordPress themes and templates are used for the design, which specify the appearance and the arrangement of the articles, pages and all other visible elements. The basic functionality of WordPress can also be extended with plug-ins. This approach can be used with blogs, company websites, online news portals, online shops or even social networks.

A WordPress expert is indispensable for establishing a high performing website which looks great and can withstand hacker attacks.

WordPress is a main target of hacker attacks like no other CMS thanks to its high popularity, and is hacked about 24% more often than any other interface. Hackers specialise in mass-produced goods because the yield is usually much higher from automated attacks.

A true WordPress expert can distinguish between secure and unsecure plugins and protect the website with manual code customisation, restrictive file permissions and special security plugins.

Carefully selecting optimally suited design templates for the website is also not an easy task and requires a high level of technical expertise. Only a WordPress expert is able to do this. Usually, commercial design templates from a marketplace like Themeforest are used. A real WordPress expert can select a good design based on demos, technical specifications and customer feedback on the individual templates.

A WordPress expert brings additional expertise with them

You will need more than just pure website set up for a professional WordPress installation. The WordPress expert connects the page to the right services and optimises the code structure of all subpages to ensure the website can be optimally indexed by Google, Bing and other services, meaning updates and new context is delivered promptly.

Other important aspects are adapting the PHP version and the MySQL Server, performance optimisation via caching plugins and/or a content delivery network (CDN). With an activated up and downtime monitor, such as Integration from Google Analytics, the WordPress expert sets up essential monitoring tools to be able to always keep an eye on the website traffic and potential problems. Setting up an automated backup solution rounds off the complete offer.

Not every WordPress expert will put the previously mentioned aspects into their standard offer, but they can give you a qualified answer if you ask, and offer the appropriate services as an addition. You should of course pay close attention to such details in a serious offer from a WordPress freelancer.

WordPress experts from India: cost savings through Outsourcing

If you would like to have a WordPress website at particularly low rates, then you should hire a WordPress expert in India. India dominates the global Outsourcing market for IT services and is home to countless providers specialising in CMS and web development. There is huge cost savings potential thanks to the high difference in salaries between India and Europe.

You can benefit from the cost advantages of a WordPress professional with Outsourcing4work without any risk. Thanks to our many years of experience in providing IT professionals and in the field of CMS software, we are sure to easily find a suitable WordPress expert for your project.

Because we are not just a provider, you will be protected from any unpleasant surprises thanks to our project managers who ensure proper implementation. You can conclude the contract directly with us as a European company, therefore reducing your risk.