WordPress Development

Content Management systems are essential to keep control over your content. Developing a website is important but managing it is challenging for businesses. CMS is essential as it supports the modification of digital content on your website. With the right content management system, you can have simplified site maintenance. There are several content management systems however WordPress is more popular powering 40% of the world’s websites. The WordPress development trends are leading the market in 2022 since it is the most trusted and reliable CMS. There are other Content Management Systems that offer a variety of features for your website.

Following are the commonly used CMS:

Hubspot CMS

Hubspot is specifically designed for business owners and marketers. Moreover, it is convenient to use and you don’t necessarily need to have technical skills to understand Hubspot. The drag-and-drop editing tool and built-in SEO function make it easy to create and optimize the content on your website. Hubspot also offers smart content features to personalize your web page for a larger audience. Additionally, it has security features such as a Web application firewall and global CDN.


Drupal is an open-source CMS and drives some major educational websites. You can add plenty of different modules to your website using Drupal. It offers support via community support options just as in WordPress and Joomla. Drupal makes it easy to add content to the website and it is a preferred option for developers who want to build a customized website with a lot of data.


Wix is another popular content management system and the best part is that it is user-friendly especially for beginners. Wix has several pre-made templates that users can choose from. These templates are quite responsive and are suitable for mobiles and desktops. Additionally, the Wix app market is a great option from where you can add different apps to your website. However, Wix has several limitations. Often the readers are seen asking how they can switch from Wix to WordPress which shows that WordPress is certainly a better CMS than Wix.

WordPress: The Most Popular CMS in 2022

WordPress was developed in 2003 and has been evolving and growing since then. Today, WordPress has become one of the best Content management systems for website developers. It is an easy-to-understand CMS for both beginners and technical workers therefore most of the websites in the world are supported by WordPress. Each month, around 70 million new WordPress posts are created so it would be justified to call WordPress the king of CMSs. It is available to users in two versions:

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

The first option is usually for customers who want to host their website or a blog whereas, for the latter one, customers don’t need to host a website in fact a blog will be hosted on the WordPress domain.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS?

WordPress was designed to make publishing easy for everyone. Users can share any kind of content using WordPress. It is a popular blogging platform and WordPress users around the world generate 1,390,000 new posts on websites every day using this open-source. The library of plugins and themes in WordPress is constantly growing. Thus, WordPress tops the list of best content management systems today.

Here is why WordPress is hailed as the best CMS for any kind of website.

WordPress: Free for All and Supported Everywhere

Most CMS software requires a subscription or a purchase however, WordPress is free! It is an open-source project and any developer in the worldwide WordPress community can modify and update WordPress. It is largely used around the globe and therefore has a loyal and large following. WordPress developers constantly secure and update the platform for the new users and assist them in getting started. The new and experienced users can get support for all their problems when using WordPress because of the help-desk and tutorials available at WordPress.org.

Built-in SEO Boosting System

The website traffic mostly comes from people using search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Thousands of users visit a website daily primarily because of the rankings on the result pages of these search engines. That’s where a tug-of-war begins between the website owners for the sake of traffic and SEO. This plays an integral role in attracting new users. There are predefined parameters for Google and other search engines and WordPress effectively handles these parameters. It gives you an advantage with SEO, especially with on-page optimization. Moreover, it handles the crucial aspects of a website such as

  • HTML Precision:WordPress development makes it easy for users to understand the website’s layout.
  • Efficiency in Creating Content: WordPress makes the website platform user-friendly.
  • SEO-beneficial Permalinks: WordPress makes it convenient to customize permalinks.
  • Optimizing Images: Images are optimized with the help of a built-in editor in WordPress.

Edits and Updates Made Easy with WordPress

WordPress CMS has several benefits for your website with thousands of themes and more than 55000 plugins available. With WordPress, you can develop your content the way you want. Everyone including photographers, store owners, video producers, and podcasters can publish their content even without knowing the code. To edit your post, you just need to go to the post, make required changes to your blog posts or meta descriptions and click update. Publishing content on WordPress is a breeze! WordPress further optimizes your content in such a way that it gets found easily by the search engine crawlers.

Convenient Customization with WordPress Theme Development

WordPress is used widely around the globe and not everyone using WordPress is a WordPress designer. In fact, it does not require you to be a pro in development and designing techniques rather it offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-understand options. This means that anyone with zero coding knowledge can understand and use it easily.

WordPress provides a wide range of content management and website development services.Once you are done working on the website development process, managing it becomes all the way easier with WordPress. WordPress theme development feature is top-notch and offers high-quality customization for your website. Businesses also outsource WordPress development to avail themselves of the maximum benefits.

Paid and Free Plugins 

The premium plugins and themes on WordPress are not free for beginners. However, it offers good customer support, high compatibility, and better security for the latest version of WordPress. If you want to use premium plugins as a new user, a WordPress agency may sort things out. Outsourcing WordPress development can give access to robust options and premium features. If free features don’t get the job done well and you lack experience as well, the WordPress designers do it for you by using advanced themes and plugins.

WordPress Security Feature

Although no CMS is perfect yet WordPress is a content management system with highly secure features. It constantly releases updates for your website in order to protect it from vulnerabilities. So if you are a website owner and use WordPress as your CMS, getting hacked must be the last thing to worry about. Furthermore, you can minimize security threats by updating your website regularly. In addition to that, your .git folder is very important. The security threat appears when your .git folder is exposed and you have your credentials saved in it. Therefore, public access must be restricted for your .git folder.

WordPress has many other user-friendly features and its fame is continuously on the rise. There is not a single valid reason for not choosing WordPress as your CMS.If you want to boost traffic on your enterprise website, there is certainly no better CMS than WordPress. It is one of the top-ranking content management systems and 60% of the websites with a content management system are powered by WordPress.
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