IT outsourcing companies

Many companies now hand over specific work areas to Outsourcing companies. The Outsourcing market has been booming for years and knows almost no limits thanks to the internet. Whilst the first large Outsourcing wave was more focused on areas like manufacturing and logistics – the more physical parts of the value chain – nowadays service and IT services receive more attention.

The internet plays an important role; communication and data exchange are no longer the challenges they once were. Even high-definition video conferencing equipment is now standard in international companies thanks to broadband connections.

Offshore Outsourcing: companies now operate globally

Technological progress has led to a dramatic increase in former developing countries. China is now the second largest economy, and India is also moving steadily upwards – and is already the number one location for Outsourcing companies.

While China currently only dominates the area of industrial manufacturing, India began to specialise in IT services years ago. And this is especially interesting for Outsourcing companies. Did you know that India’s share of the international Outsourcing market is around 55%, and that the Indian IT industry has more than three million employees?

IT Outsourcing companies in India

If China is the workroom of the world, India has the title of the world’s leading development field in IT.

Top companies in the IT sector recognised this early and build large sites in India.  IBM employs more than 150,000 people in India, Accenture 80,000 and Oracle more than 31,000. Google already employs more people in India than in any other foreign location.

The search giant has continued to invest and has just announced a partnership with 30 Indian universities. Google has the ambitious plan to educate two million Android developers in just three years. Many of them then later work in Outsourcing companies.

Take advantage of Indian Outsourcing companies for your benefit

With the help of Outsourcing certain IT areas you can also use this development for your company. Outsourcing4work provides you with excellent Outsourcing companies for all possible IT areas.

Whether you need traditional software developers for important programming languages, web agencies, app developers, game designers, database experts or professionals for Microsoft products like SharePoint, Dynamics and .NET. We will find the right professional for your need – at a fixed price or as a temporary or dedicated employee, and you can even create your own branch (light) in India with our help!

When implementing complex software project you will remain on the safe side thanks to our many years of experience and our European project managers. All contracts are concluded with us as a European Outsourcing provider, even though the employees working for you are in India.