Bezahlbare Web Designer

If you would like to create a professional website, it’s no longer a big hassle these days. Around the turn of the millennium a web designer was very expensive, but now you can find easily find affordable professionals as many websites are simply a standard service.

This development is thanks to the success of content management systems (CMS) which allow flexible designs for various types of websites using a modular approach. The software runs on the web server and then can be customised with templates and plugins by a web designer.

Creating a CMS website: you are not alone

WordPress plays a special role among CMS. No other content management system is as frequently used. Statistics put together by W3Techs on the distribution of the various CMS are very impressive.

WordPress is used on 26.3% of all websites worldwide, and has a 60% market share if you only look at CMS-based websites. The second most widely used system is Joomla, with 2.7% (all websites), or 6% (only CMS), which is quite far behind. Then come the systems Drupal, Magento (online shop software), Blogger, Typo3 and Bitrix, which let you create a website without any programming knowledge, just like WordPress.

Interestingly, the CMS is similar to the software Adobe Dreamweaver, although this is strictly a website editor. Dreamweaver is the most widely used website editor and lets a web designer create a homepage from scratch on their own – just like was done 10-15 years ago.

reamweaver’s tiny market share on all websites (0.6%) shows just how strongly this field is now dominated by WordPress and others.

How do CMS work?

CMS like WordPress work with a back end that can only be accessed by the page operator and their staff, and the user view – the front end. New subpages can be created and articles published with the help of the back end; it is also used at the initial set up of the website.

With the help of free templates or commercial design templates (like Themeforest) which are available for different CMS, you can customise the website to look how you want. Individual adjustments are then usually adding your own images and adapting the modular structure with menus, widgets, sidebars, headers and prepared blocks of content.

If you are creating a simple website, the web designer will not need to have any programming skills, or just rudimentary ones. If you have special requests more programming work will be necessary. In comparison to manually creating a website, this is a huge leap forward.

To be able to use WordPress and other CMS to its full potential requires a number of special skills that a normal user will usually not have. This includes important aspects such as SEO and protecting the website against hackers.

How you can have your website created in India

If you would like to have a professional website at particularly low rates, then you should hire a specialised web agency in India. India dominates the global Outsourcing market for IT services and is home to a number of providers who are specialised in web design for foreign customers. There is a huge chance to save costs thanks to the high difference in salaries between India and Europe.

You can benefit from the cost advantages of an Indian provider with Outsourcing4work without any risk. You can build your website with the help of an Indian team, and transfer the contract to us as a European company. We will then guarantee professional implementation according to your exact specifications.