Web Shop outsourcing discussions

Web shop Outsourcing is used by both small and large online shop operators. The initial start-up of an online shop requires a lot of know-how and generally is better left in the hands of specialised agencies rather than in-house. Giving the job to a company’s own IT department rarely makes sense, and is almost always more expensive.

If you use web shop Outsourcing, you should first have informed yourself on the various shop systems to avoid the infamous ‘pig in a poke’. Nowadays, there is a huge selection which can seem confusing at first glance, however a look at the market will quickly show which products are the market leaders. Technically, two approaches can be seen: web approaches for CMS systems and standalone shop software.

Web shop Outsourcing for traditional CMS systems

This approach becomes interesting if you already use a complexly constructed CMS. This is especially true of very content-heavy online presences in which the web shop represents more of an add-on and the product range is not very extensive.

WordPress, as the most widely-used CMS by far, plays the leading role here. WordPress has the popular shop system add-on WooCommerce which is suitable for more sophisticated online shops. wpShopGermany, GetShopped, Jigoshop, Shopp and other expansions are also suitable alternatives.

Web shop Outsourcing with professional shop software

If the online shop is the focus, rather than the content, then professional shop systems are usually the best choice. They can cope with large amounts of views and offer a variety of special features and customisation options that are not found in CMS approaches.

The undisputed market leader in this segment is the free shop system Magento. Behind the software hides eBay, one of the largest e-commerce provider, which is reflected in Magento’s high quality. No other online shop is used more frequently worldwide. You can’t go wrong by using Magento during web shop Outsourcing.

However, there is also a wide range of alternatives here. This includes other approaches than Magento and younger products will often shine with innovative approaches. Better known Magento-alternatives include Shopify, Volusion, PrestaShop or BigCommerce. Intershop has been around since the first dot-com stock-market bubble on the market – also a very mature and well thought out solution.

Web shop Outsourcing to India: take advantage of cost savings

Since web shop Outsourcing is almost entirely done remotely, commissioning IT professionals from India is a good way to reduce costs. And because all established web shop systems are used worldwide, you will also easily find specialised professionals there – just a bit cheaper. Once you have correctly addressed the matter, the development costs can be reduced to a fraction of what they were.

If you are interested in web shop Outsourcing providers from India, we at Outsourcing4work are the perfect contact partner. We have many years of experience with CMS and e-commerce software and will easily find the right partner for your needs from our large network.

We can provide you with professional service providers who can set up WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal Commerce, Shopify or other systems perfectly for you, and can also develop extension programs for your online store.

We have a suitable option for every scenario with different contract models: projects at a fixed-price, temporary employees or complete exclusive teams who only work on your project. We ensure smooth implementation with our own Scrum project managers. This leaves you with a free head for more important things. Since you conclude the contract with us as a European company it also reduces your overhead and increases your legal certainty.