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Unity Outsourcing is possible for a wide variety of target platforms. The Unity 3D development environment supports nearly every type of system and device and is the leading environment for 3D applications.

Unity 5 supports nearly all mobile interfaces and console platforms in addition to the traditional Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The current release also allows you to create 3D games and web applications with native WebGL Export. In older versions the user had to depend on browser plugins.

Unity Outsourcing for games and 3D applications

If you are looking for a Unity Outsourcing provider, you should make sure that you look for someone with the right experience for the platform, type of application and/or features you want. Here is a short list of the typical Unity Outsourcing provider specialisations:

  • Interactive cross-platform apps
  • Visualisation of architecture and interior design
  • Simulations for industry applications
  • Visualisations of data and time series of all types
  • Accessible 360° and game walk-throughs
  • Virtual replications of environments in 3D

Although Unity development is simple for various interfaces thanks to the features integrated in the framework, the Unity Outsourcing provider should still have in-depth knowledge of the most important platforms. This makes it significantly easier for other developers working on the project to implement and optimise it.

If Windows is your most important environment, then it is helpful to have experience in Visual Studio, especially if Visual Studio is already being used for other parts of the program. Microsoft offers free extensions for Unity with Visual Studio Tools which makes a powerful tool for creating Unity applications with Visual Studio.

The Unity Editor is an exceptional tool to create 3D worlds but does not offer the chance to write code. The Visual Studio tools for Unity provides the developer with the familiar code editing, debugging and productivity features of Visual Studio in order to make editors and scripts for Unity projects with the help of C#. It makes it easier for a developer to find errors with the built in Visual Studio debugger, even if the Unity application is run in Unity Editor or Unity Player. The debugger can even comb through externally managed DLLs for code errors.

Affordable Unity Outsourcing to Indian professionals

Indian providers are especially popular to reduce costs in Unity Outsourcing. They cost merely a fraction of their European counterparts, which makes even complex projects with custom requests affordable. If you pay attention to their references and expertise in the areas relevant to the planned project, not much will stand in the way of productive collaboration across distance.

Outsourcing4work has specialised in the procurement of IT professionals from India and can help you with your project with proven Unity professionals. We take over the responsibility for successful implementation as your European contract partner, which ensures that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when Outsourcing to India. Our own Scrum professionals will look after the project management of the Indian Unity experts to secure efficient work and high quality results.

We also take over the payment processing, which makes the entire project much easier to handle. No matter if you want to realise a project at a fixed price, or with temporary employees on an hourly basis – we have many options available to you.