Typo3 experts set up the CMS

Typo3 Outsourcing usually refers to the professional installation or support of a content-heavy corporate homepage. The Typo3 content management system (CMS) is especially popular in the enterprise sector.

Typo3 is found at a respectable sixth place among the most popular CMS. Only WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, the shop system Magento and Google’s Blogger.com have more users. However, keep in mind that private individuals and simple blogs almost never use Typo3, which is of course reflected in the statistics. Typo3 is well-represented with more than 500,000 total installations worldwide.

Typo3 Outsourcing for excellence

Typo3 experts set up the CMS following their client’s wishes and also deal with important additional modules such as contact forms, video galleries, glossaries or a ticket-based customer service portal. In addition, there are also more complex tasks such as the installation and customisation of server-side services.

A good Typo3 Outsourcing provider is well-experienced in the operation of the Typo3 interface and the customisation of configuration files, also with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Then there is the special knowledge for creating or customising individual Typo3 templates.

Unlike WordPress, which has thousands of professional design templates, it is more commonplace to design your own in Typo3. An experienced Typo3 developer can even write the necessary code for this.

A Typo3 professional should also be familiar with linking to other IT systems via various interfaces, which is especially important for company websites. Agencies specialised in Typo3 often have extensive know-how that they have built up by working for numerous clients. Normal web developers often have no comparable experience and require significantly more time for many tasks. Often, the only way to acquire the necessary knowledge is through experience.

Typo3 Outsourcing to India

If you are looking for a Typo3 Outsourcing provider we at Outsourcing4work can help you find excellent professionals from India. In contrast to their European colleagues, Indian professionals are much more affordable, which leads to a reduction of the total project cost. For the same amount of investment, you will receive signficantly more with an Indian provider.

No matter if you only require a single Typo3 developer on a temporary basis, for a project at a fixed-price or for an exclusive team – everything is done according to your needs. You just conclude the contract with us as a European company, and we then take care of the rest.

Our Scrum/Agile project managers ensure optimal implementation, and they also have many years of experience working with India. You won’t need to worry about reliability, misunderstandings or differences in mentality.