Frontend Developer

Are you planning your next IT project and want to know whether a Frontend Developer can meet your requirements?

Then you should definitely read on to find out what exactly a Frontend Developer does, which areas of responsibility they cover and which requirement profile applies to them. You can also find out how Outsourcing4work can help you find the right IT professionals for your company.



The tasks of a Frontend Developer

The term Frontend Development covers the programming of the visible part of a website or app. Accordingly, the field of activity of a frontend developer includes the functional and design-related implementation of your web or application projects.

The programmer’s focus is primarily on the usability and fast performance of the websites. The implementation of responsive designs ensures easy usability and an optimal appearance on all end devices and screen sizes.

A focus is primarily on the usability and fast performance of the maintenance of databases and smooth operation of your servers. In the background, backend development lays the foundation for the error-free display of all content in the frontend, the visible area for end-users.

Developers in Frontend Development often act as an interface between web designers and backend developers. They bring together the designers’ specifications for the visual design of the projects, with the data to be processed from the backend development.

In companies with a smaller IT department, frontend developers often take on tasks that originate in the backend development area. Basic knowledge of database systems, such as Microsoft SQL, or server programming languages, such as PHP, can be helpful in developing web projects.

Requirements profile: Frontend developer

In the following areas, a frontend developer should definitely have extensive experience to implement the development of websites or apps for you:

  • CMS, to keep track of your content management system.
  • HTML, to be able to structure a website through code in a meaningful way.
  • CSS, to define the appearance with layout, colors and fonts.
  • JavaScript, to extend the classic HTML functionalities for dynamic content.
  • Responsive Design, to guarantee a flawless operation on all end devices.
  • Frameworks & Libraries, for more efficient programming.
  • PHP, when server-side tasks and database queries need to be handled.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the Internet, developers must always keep their knowledge up-to-date and educate themselves. In recent years, developers have had to react to the trend towards more videos and animations as well as the increased use of smartphones. These primarily brought changes in terms of HTML and the Flash format.

In addition to technical knowledge, developers need to be accurate, determined, and quickly detect and promptly fix errors in the code.

Other important soft skills for a front-end programmer include:

  • Ability to explain complex issues in simple terms
  • Team spirit
  • Good knowledge of the english language
  • Good communication skills to mediate between different areas
  • Motivation to continuously educate oneself in order to stay up to date

This is how much a web developer earns

The earnings of front-end developers in the IT industry vary from state to state. After starting their career, web developers earn between 35,000€ and 40,000€ per year. With five to ten years of professional experience, the monthly base salary increases to between €3,500 and €5,500. Thus, the costs for an extensive IT project quickly rise to immeasurable levels.

Front-end programmers who work on a freelance basis even demand an hourly wage of up to €70. To realize your projects in the most cost-saving way, you can use the Outsourcing of IT specialists.

IT Outsourcing partners: How to find the right frontend developer

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