Successful Ecommerce outsourcing

Clever e-commerce uOtsourcing will let you successfully bring your products online, as well as minimise risk and effort for your company at the same time.

Online customers are becoming more demanding. Large sales platforms such as Amazon or Zalando are not the only ones offering great online sales experiences – this puts the entire sector under pressure. If you as a newcomer are not in a completely niche market, you will need a successful overall concept to be able to compete against the competition.

E-commerce Outsourcing with a focus on customer retention

The study “Success Factors in E-Commerce Vol. 5” from ECC in cooperation with dotSource shows in detail what is mandatory for online shops to permanently retain customers with positive shopping experiences. In addition to a customer journey from website up to order completion, the processes after ordering also play an important role for many customers.

The packaging is important, but product quality, on-time delivery and uncomplicated returns are some of the most important criteria for high customer satisfaction. Overall service satisfaction is by far the most essential for successful customer loyalty.

In e-commerce Outsourcing you should therefore ensure that innovative services and content offers such as advisors, product videos, product finders/sales consultants or an online community are also part of the package. If you would like to create an online shop using e-commerce Outsourcing, you should place high importance on these factors from the very beginning.

Modern shop software such as OXID, Shopware, Magento, Intershop or Hybris offer excellent expansion opportunities for merchandise management systems, returns processing, ticket-based customer service, accounting, optimised marketing with promotions and much more. All of these additional area directly or indirectly affect customer satisfaction, and should be set up by the appropriate IT professionals.

E-commerce Outsourcing with logistics and fulfilment service providers

While many shop providers have a specialised Outsourcing provider set up their webshop, in specific groups of goods the trend is heading towards e-commerce Outsourcing in current shop areas.

For maintenance and online catalogues you can use business process Outsourcing and keep your staff costs at a minimum. Even the shipment of goods is not organised by you, but through a logistics service provider who is integrated directly into the shop system through an online interface.

Fulfilment service providers can even hand over areas to specialised companies for e-commerce Outsourcing such as warehousing, picking, packaging and returns processing.

Large fulfilment service providers such as arvato even let clients book tailor made services. arvato controls webshop processes such as payment and additional services, such as clothing preparation, for the clothing company Marc O’Polo.

Successful e-commerce Outsourcing starts in the online shop

Before you hire an e-commerce Outsourcing provider with the task of setting up an online shop, you should first create an overall concept which has additional shop functions in overview. You can then discuss these in detail with the Outsourcing provider.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with valuable support during this. We have specialised in IT Outsourcing to India and can provide you with professional service providers who will professionally create your shop system and will also develop expansions for your online shop as needed.

We can offer you an entire range of IT Outsourcing options, from a fixed-price projects, to temporary or dedicated employees, up to an entire team that will work exclusively for you as a type of branch. On request, we will also take over the project management and work together with you to create a solid offer with us as your contract partner.