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You can save a lot of money with SQL Outsourcing to offshore destinations, and can even integrate a remote SQL professional into existing teams of administrators or developers. Since SQL fulfils a more supportive function in web applications, many tasks require a high level of expertise. In comparison to traditional development, many steps are standardized and do not need as much creativity.

Therefore, SQL Outsourcing is often used for the installation, maintenance or extension of a complex database setup. Other tasks which are less complicated and repetitive can be done by employees with basic SQL knowledge.

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server – the market leaders for SQL Outsourcing

You will need to distinguish between the database language itself and the respective database software when speaking about SQL. Although the syntax between the two individual systems is nearly identical, and generally follows the official standards, SQL professionals require significantly more knowledge. SQL database systems are powerful and complex products whose installation, operating and maintenance must be learned.

As a look at DB Engines shows, MySQL is the most commonly used SQL database, followed by Microsoft SQL Server. PostgreSQL is on place three and is significantly less popular. In addition, there are a number of rarely used alternatives such as Spark SQL, HyperSQL, SAP SQL Anywhere, MemSQL, mSQL, SQLBase, NonStop SQL and many more. Each of these systems has its own special features and advantages which can be implemented for specific purposes.

MySQL is the most popular SQL variant and the unofficial standard for web applications. MySQL ensures the data management (even on a larger scale) in the background of web-based services such as WordPress or Facebook. A MySQL professional will also be experienced in the LAMP Stack, in addition to pure programming skills. LAMP stands for the combined use of Linux as an operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as database software and PHP as the programming language for the web application. In order to get the most out of MySQL, customisations to the Linux system and the hardware being used play a special role.

On the other hand, Microsoft SQL Outsourcing requires completely different skills. A good Microsoft SQL developer have a lot of experience with Windows Server and the .NET Framework, rather than the LAMP Stack. Microsoft SQL Server is now also available for Linux. However, Linux customisations with Microsoft SQL Server remain the exception.

Microsoft SQL Outsourcing focuses more on in-depth knowledge on the interaction between Windows and other Microsoft software components. The main reason that Microsoft SQL is used, rather than MySQL, is the good interlinking ability with other Microsoft products.

SQL Outsourcing to India

No matter if you are looking for MySQL, Microsoft SQL or any other SQL database: the Indian IT sector is so large and varied that you can easily find a specialist for any area, even those which have hard-to-find specialists in Europe. The country has become the world’s leading IT services provider and is now profiting from investments that go back more than 25 years. The low level of salaries, a relatively Western outlook and its huge population are huge advantages for India. No other country provides as many IT professionals for Outsourcing.

If a company is using Indian workers for the first time, they are often unsure and full of questions. How do you find the right profile? What references should I look out for? What prices are reasonable? How will collaboration over distance work?

This is where Outsourcing4work comes in. We are specialised in the procurement of Indian IT professionals for European companies, and thanks to our many years of experience we have the right answer for every question. If you are looking for an SQL developer from India, we can easily find the right profile to suit your needs.

We also don’t leave you alone once we have find you the right employees, but with our own project managers we will take over project coordination, thus ensuring your project’s success. Because you conclude the contract directly with us as a European country, you are guaranteed proper implementation and legal certainty.