Outsourcing for every programming language

Looking for experienced IT professionals for software development? Outsourcing will not only help you realise your project for less – if you use software development Outsourcing, you will also reduce development time.

Indian software development – Outsourcing for every programming language

As far as IT is concerned, Europe contains some of the leading industrial nations. Developing and emerging economies have created an important position for themselves in terms of programming languages and application development. This especially applies to India, where thousands of global providers offer IT Outsourcing services.

While China revolutionised the area of industrial production and became the workbench of the world in the last twenty years, India has specialised in IT services for quite some time. As a former colony and established democracy, India found it easy to enter the global collaborative economy. The fluent English language skills of an emerging Indian middle class played a large role in the country’s rise to the world’s most respected IT nation.

Currently, India’s share of the international Outsourcing market is 55% – the country is the undisputed market leader. The Indian IT industry has more than three million employees, a large part of which are active in multinational companies or international projects.

Large IT companies have already positioned themselves and created large sites in India. Did you know that IBM employs more than 150,000 employees in India?

If you are considering software development Outsourcing to India, you will be in good company and will not need to enter the market alone.

Software development – Outsourcing without risk is possible

If you are looking for a developer and are in new territory with software development Outsourcing, we can help you get started with our comprehensive approach. Outsourcing4work can organise a developer experienced Java, C/C++/C#, PHP, Python or any other language for you.

We will support you every step of the way, and as a European company we will take on the responsibility for proper implementation of your software project. We employ our own project managers who work with Agile/Scrum and who will take be responsible for every detail of your project.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a project at a fixed price or contracts billed hourly. You can also hire a complete team who will work exclusively for you in India.