Software developed by Indian professionals

If you would like to have software developed, it will usually cost a lot of time and money. Software development is no small matter, and developers are almost always highly specialised experts with a focus on specific languages and development environments. Their knowledge and experience are often very different, which means that you can’t compare one software developer to another.

In which language do you want your software program developed?

The most widely used programming language in the world is C with its derivatives, C++ and Visual C#. C is suitable very low-level programming which the language predestines for power-hungry programs. The extension C++ in comparison makes object-oriented programming possible, which then significantly simplifies the development process. Visual C# is especially well-suited for Windows software.

Java is the most popular single programming language by far. No language is more flexible or more frequently used – from desktop software, to mobile apps, up to embedded software for devices and systems. Java runs with the help of an interpreter, a Java Virtual Machine, which is available for many platforms. The resulting platform independence makes Java especially attractive for many types of software.

A further popular language is Python – which, after Java and the C derivatives, is the third most commonly used language. Python is suitable for all kinds of programming and can be object-oriented, aspect oriented or even used functionally. Python is also used very often as a scripting language.

PHP is widely used for web applications and thus generally all types of browser based software. If you would like to have web software developed, PHP will make it very quickly. PHP is used as a server-side scripting language on a Linux system with Apache web servers in conjunction with a MySQL or other SQL database.

As you can see in the overview of the 50 most important programming languages, the selection is long from exhausted. It’s best to get advice from experts on what languages are best suited to your desired software type.

Having software developed: selection criteria for developers

In addition to pure technical knowledge in the programming languages and developer tools being used, factors such as experience, creativity and soft skills for the complex division of labour in software projects also plays a large role.

At Outsourcing4work we have much experience in producing experienced software developers, and make the selection on the basis of a variety of criteria. References and client reviews are a good proof of quality and experience. A good software developer can demonstrate their expertise with customer testimonials for successfully completed projects.

This complements theoretical knowledge from university degrees, certifications or previous job titles. These types of qualifications are important and are ideally supplemented through additional qualifications in Agile software development, software design and project management.

We help you further

As you are starting to discover, it is not so simple to choose the right developer. If you would like to have your software developed by a true expert, then we can stand by your side with advice and practical assistance.

Outsourcing4work has many years of experience in the procurement and management of Indian software developers. Indian IT professionals only cost a fraction of their European counterparts, which then accordingly reduces the development costs.

If you would like to take advantage of these cost savings for yourself, then we can help you further with our extensive network of Indian partners, and provide you with a suitable developer or an entire team of developers.

Outsourcing4work provides temporary employees for fixed price projects, or a team that will work only for you for larger projects. With our project managers from Europe who specialise in Agile, Scrum and Kanban, we will take over the entire coordination from Europe. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security.