Sharepoint outsourcing

Companies are often spoilt for choice when deciding between the many providers of SharePoint Outsourcing. While nearly every SharePoint service provider is an expert in the technical side, this is by far not enough for successful implementation. A tailor made setup of SharePoint as a strategic communications platform requires a deeper understanding of your business model, and your chosen business structure. Here are a few points that you should consider when selecting a SharePoint Outsourcing service provider.

What is the main focus of the SharePoint Outsourcing service provider?

Is the service provider specialised in SharePoint, or is the software only one of many Outsourcing products? If you want to use SharePoint for successful teamwork among employees, then you should choose a service provider who focuses on SharePoint. This will pay off if document management or ERP systems need to be additionally integrated into SharePoint.

Package solution or custom setup?

To be able to use SharePoint effectively later, a simple installation by a SharePoint Outsourcing provider will not be enough. Not all SharePoint service providers provide a comprehensive analysis of your specific needs and a customised implementation approach.

Which SharePoint Outsourcing references are available?

Does the provider have experience in international projects that they managed from start to finish? The needs of a mid-sized company with locations in multiple countries requires a specific know-how. Ultimately, adaptations to different server locations will need to be coordinated so that later the performance of the SharePoint portal is in agreement. Localisation into several languages will also require expertise.

SharePoint Outsourcing including training?

It is not done with a technically perfect SharePoint setup. The software is complex and offers many opportunities, all of which your employees will have to learn and practice. If the SharePoint provider also offers the necessary training, this will save you any additional costs. In addition, direct user feedback lets the SharePoint portal be further improved. Many important aspects only become clear during operation.

Does the SharePoint service provider use SharePoint themselves?

A SharePoint service provider that uses SharePoint for their own intranet and corporate website can show off their SharePoint knowledge and also gather experience thanks to their own SharePoint implementation. They should be able to show you a demonstration at least.

SharePoint Outsourcing to Indian professionals

In the IT nation India, you will find a large number of professional SharePoint service providers with many years of experience in with international companies and corporations. If you would like to bring this powerful web application into your company, Outsourcing4work is happy to supply you with a suitable provider. We can also help if you are looking for expansions or updates to an existing SharePoint interface.

We work according to your preferences and offer an entire range of Outsourcing options, from projects at a fixed price, to temporary employees, up to teams that work for you for a longer time period. Thanks to our project managers who work with Scrum we provide efficient coordination. These contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company, which gives you additional security and results in less administration work for you.