Remote System administrator

Nowadays, a system administrator mainly works at a desk and is usually specialised in a whole bunch of key technologies. If the hardware connected to the intranet and internet works fine, then a lot of their work can be done from a distance.

The job of a system administrator has changed significantly through the technical revolution in the area of network technology and remote management. Purely hardware-related work is usually outsourced to local service companies which ensure uninterrupted and error-free operation and replace any defective hardware.

There are also other highly specialised IT administrators for individual software solutions in the office, data centre or in the cloud. They are also in charge of installation, maintenance and problem solving.

A jack-of-all-trades system administrator, like was common earlier in many companies, is therefore rare and is only worth it in very specific situations.

A modern system administrator

As an expert on call and/or as the one responsible for a specific technical area, a system administrator is nowadays a very highly specialised service provider. Many companies fall back on technologies that can be controlled remotely by an offshore system administrator for cost reasons. The list of areas where this is useful is growing year by year due to the current trend toward cloud software. Here are a few examples:

Remote IT infrastructure management

A large part of modern IT infrastructure can be easily monitored and maintained from outside. A remote system administrator, part of a local team, can support specific IT areas from a distance, opening up cost benefits and synergy effects. If there is a time difference due to a different time zone, it can be very affordable to ensure 24 hour operation without downtime or restrictions.

Enterprise security solutions

Protecting company secrets, customer and employee data or the technical infrastructure against hacker attacks is not very difficult to do long-term thanks to the strong interaction of many networked software products. A system administrator who specialises in security can significantly and permanently lift the security level through routine update and maintenance, special monitoring tools and targeted tests.

A security professional who specialises in IT forensics can help the security profile even further in case there is a security issue despite all protective measures. They can be given a specific task to complete. They work together with the system administrator responsible for the security to clarify the situation, limit damage and protect IT even better in the future.

Microsoft software management

Microsoft has offered a cloud computing platform since 2010 with Azure, which can be used on-premises on a company’s own servers, as well as via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) which can be used on Microsoft’s cloud servers.

A specially trained Azure system administrator, who is very familiar with this technology, will take over the complex installation and control.

You can hire the right system administrator as a remote employee for Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint or Microsoft Windows Server as well.

Relieve your system administrator from support

Microsoft applications are usually still the standard for many companies. Workstations with Windows are usually connected to each other and to a Windows Server within a network domain. There are also many additional parts such as a printer, scanner, video conferencing equipment and so on – parts where there seem to always be problems.

External IT support providers can often quickly resolve these issues through efficient workflows. A system administrator will only have to make changes at the heart of the IT in the rarest of cases. Offshore IT providers in India have occupied this field for many years, and relieve many companies around the globe from expensive internal IT support.

Find a remote system administrator from India

It is worth it to take a look at India for the areas described above, since you can find a suitable system administrator easily and affordably. The Indian IT industry employs around 3 million IT workers, and provides more than half of worldwide Outsourcing software professionals on the market. No matter which special area you need a professional for, you will always find the right IT service provider who is highly qualified and fits your requirement profile.

Outsourcing4work can take over this work and provide you with a very experienced Indian system administrator. Thanks to a large Indian partner network and excellent knowledge on the Indian Outsourcing market, we can easily find the right expert for your needs.

You can hire temporary employees through us, or realize a defined project at a fixed price with Indian partners. And if you need an entire team for a complex Microsoft project, we can also help you easily. You can have a branch (light) in India of remote IT professionals who work exclusively for you.

Because you conclude the contract directly with us as a European country, you are guaranteed proper implementation and legal certainty. We coordinate all the detail for problem-free cooperation with the help of our own Scrum project managers.