Bezahlbare SAP Outsourcing an indische Fachkräfte

SAP Outsourcing makes sense for many companies if their main expertise is in other areas than IT.  But even large companies with big IT departments like to use SAP Outsourcing because the establishment, maintenance and further development of SAP software is often very project-oriented and not continuous. Which SAP related tasks can be handed over the external providers depends on the specific software being used.

SAP is the world’s third largest software manufacturer, just after Microsoft and Oracle, according to Forbes Global 2000. The company offers a wide range of product programs with software to develop business processes such as accounting, controlling, sales, purchasing, production, inventory and human resources.

Reasons for SAP Outsourcing

The three most important reasons for SAP Outsourcing are certainly the cost savings, the need for temporary employees and the complete deployment of all SAP services through a specialised company.

There is a wide range of opportunities, from the possibility to outsource the entire development and implementation to individual aspects such as printing and mailing.  SAP Outsourcing is often used for maintenance or specific technical adaptions.

Three kinds of SAP Outsourcing

No matter to what extent, field or SAP software project you are dealing with – the various types of SAP Outsourcing are differentiated between by the terms out tasking, out teaming or just the traditional Outsourcing.

SAP out tasking is a temporary job with a specifically defined target. As soon as the job is completed, the cooperation generally ends with the SAP Outsourcing service provider.

Traditional SAP Outsourcing describes a continuing or very long-term client relationship in which the SAP Outsourcing service provider is permanently integrated in workflow and the company’s infrastructure. SAP professionals are generally seen as additional employees managed by the client, and are often integrated into specific departments.  Employment and payment is done by the SAP Outsourcing provider.

SAP out teaming is also used for long-term cooperation. In contrast to traditional SAP Outsourcing the Outsourcing company takes over the team management. The Outsourcing provider is treated as its own department within the organisation and agreements are usually made at a higher management level.

SAP Outsourcing with Indian partners is cheaper

If you would like to save costs for your company with Outsourcing, this can be realised especially well with Indian providers. In comparison to European SAP service providers, Indian SAP experts work for significantly lower rates.  Rates are much lower in the IT nation, and there is also strong competition among the numerous SAP companies who work with international companies.

Outsourcing4work will help you find the right SAP service provider for you from the vast amount of offers. Our highly qualified project managers will ensure efficient cooperation throughout the project.  No matter if the project is SAP out tasking, SAP out teaming or the traditional SAP Outsourcing; we cover the entire range of SAP Outsourcing from projects at a fixed priced to hourly billing, up to expert teams who work permanently for you.