Sage outsourcing on Demand

For small and mid-sized companies Sage Outsourcing is a way to get the most out of their Sage products. This is particularly true if they do not have their own in-house Sage expert due to the limited size of the company.

Sage software plays an especially important role in the mid-sized company ranges: they make up Sage’s main clientele, as opposed to SAP whose clients are large companies.

Sage Outsourcing according to product

Sage has a number of software solutions which have their own individual certifications. In Sage University IT professionals can gain the knowledge they need for Sage X3, Sage CRM, Sage HRMS, Sage Timeslips and Sage Estimating and have this confirmed directly by the company after passing an exam. Sage One, Sage 50, Sage 100 / Sage 100c, Sage 300 and Sage 500 are very similar products and also have their own training programs. These are offered all around the world – either from Sage itself or by strictly vetted partners.

This means that you can easily find qualified Sage Outsourcing providers around the world. These include both individual IT professionals who are specialised in Sage products and larger agencies for business software who also cover a range of other similar products in addition to Sage.

If you use offshore professionals for Sage Outsourcing, you can save on the typically high costs. Software developers in India often offer their services at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in Europe.

Sage Outsourcing to India: we can help

If you are looking for an Indian expert for Sage Outsourcing but have no experience in Outsourcing, we can help you with our comprehensive approach. Outsourcing4work can provide you with experienced Sage developers from India, along with our professional services. We employ our own Scrum project managers who are experienced in coordination at a distance and state of the art technology, and who are familiar with intercultural differences in mentality.

Our Scrum professionals will assist you throughout the entire project phase, no matter if it is a project at a fixed price, temporary employees or a dedicated long-term team. You will also not need to worry about contracts and payment: you simply conclude the contract directly with us as a European company and we then take care of the rest. This lets you easily avoid any bureaucratic and tax obstacles, but still benefit from the cost advantages of Sage Outsourcing to Indian IT professionals.