Startups with low budgets will benefit from the cost advantages of Ruby on Rails Outsourcing. Ruby on Rails, abbreviated RoR, is a framework used to develop web applications, a traditional field of activity in this business sector.

Ruby on Rails Outsourcing to India is especially popular, as the Asian country combines cost advantages with excellent IT expertise in a unique way. India has developed into the number one Outsourcing nation over the last twenty years, and covers more than half of all IT Outsourcing activities worldwide. Ruby on Rails Outsourcing is just one of many types of Outsourcing here.

Ruby on Rails Outsourcing – a checklist

Developing RoR web applications is not a standard activity, and many clients are entering completely new territory with a Ruby on Rails Outsourcing contract. Here is a small overview of the important criteria that you should pay attention to when selecting a Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider.

Version knowledge and project experience

Ruby, as Ruby on Rails, has quite a few years under their belt. The programming language Ruby has existed since 1995, and Ruby on Rails is more than ten years old. Ruby, as well as the web application framework Ruby on Rails, have been significantly further developed. A Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider should at least have practical experience in RoR Version 2.2 and Ruby Version 2 upwards to be at a good level. It’s best to take a look at the web applications that the Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider has already developed. Because although theoretical knowledge is important – practical project experience is much more so.

Experience with open source database systems

Good Ruby on Rails web applications require an optimally furnished database. The proven database systems for RoR Web applications include MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB as a non-SQL database. Predefined to a LAMP stack, experience in the co-ordinated use of Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python is good.

API skills

APIs are essential for smooth communication between the server and client part of a RoR web application. A professional Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider should have experience with both JSON and REST APIs.

Cloud server experience

For a good scalable and cost-efficient operation of a RoR web application, virtual servers play an important role. The Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider should have the appropriate setup for you. Amazon AWS or Heroku is often used as a cloud server platform for Ruby on Rails. However, Microsoft’s Azure platform can now run Ruby on Rails web applications through a virtual machine with Linux.

Automated software testing

To ensures that the RoR application runs smoothly during high traffic, automated software tests are essential. Ask the Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider about their experience with the test frameworks RSpec and Cucumber, as well as with the testing tool Capybara, which can automatically reproduce human user behaviour.

Front end and mobile app development

Don’t forget about the app design for the front end. What use is a powerful web app that is complicated to use and ugly? The same applies to a possible parallel implementation when developing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Try out web applications which the Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider has already created for other clients.

A professional partner for the selection

At Outsourcing4work we have many years of experience in providing IT professionals. We are happy to find you a professional Ruby on Rails Outsourcing provider from India, and to take over the project management at the same time. Our experienced project managers work with Scrum and Agile to ensure that your web application will look exactly as you pictured. With a contract with us as a European company, you will not encounter any risks.

We arrange things completely as you need them to be. You can use Ruby on Rails Outsourcing either on an hourly basis, or at a fixed price for a specific project. You can also hire a developer team in India who will work exclusively for you.