Selection criteria for a WordPress agency

If you are looking for a WordPress agency, you should keep in mind some technical details, as well as the cost factor. Your website should of course look good, but at second glance you might find a WordPress website with many vulnerabilities hidden behind a nice design.

Before you choose a WordPress agency, you should not only conceptually define your website as thoroughly as possible, but also be aware of the important points that have to be considered.

Selection criteria for a WordPress agency

It’s recommended to look for a WordPress agency which has experience in the type of website you would like to have. You can realise all sort of things with WordPress – from a simple blog, to company online presences, portfolio websites for artists, online shops, even up to social networks.

Take a look at the WordPress agency’s references, and compare them with other successful websites in the same category. Take the time to closely look at all the details – from menus and subpages, to social media buttons up to contact forms and how it displays on mobile devices. This will quickly give you a first impression of what the WordPress agency can really do.

If you find a promising WordPress agency, you should request a quote to compare against other providers. A number of technical factors play an important role here; the more specific your requests, the more significant the comparison will be.

A good WordPress agency will not create a simple patched together website and leave you alone with it – instead they will offer a few additional benefits. You should pay special attention to performance optimisation and a sophisticated security concept.

WordPress websites that are not optimised require more server performance during high traffic, and load slowly. This can be avoided with skill adaptation of the PHP version with cache plugins and/or a content delivery network (CDN).

To have a good WordPress security concept you will need to select plugins that are regularly and professionally updated, an automated backup plan and targeted closure of the numerous security vulnerabilities of the CMS.

The basic problem is that WordPress is not generally secure, and can easily be hacked. This is why you should use the appropriate security plugins such as Wordfence, All in One WP Security & Firewall or manual modifications to the CMS code which can protect a WordPress website against manual or automated attacks.

Does the WordPress agency provide further support?

Since WordPress itself, as well as the templates and plugins, is regularly updated, you will need to have regular maintenance work done on the WordPress site.

If the WordPress agency can make a suitable service offer, then this is usually a good sign. Otherwise you will need to look after it yourself or, after a certain amount of time, hire a different WordPress agency.

A WordPress agency from India is cheaper

You can save significantly if you use a WordPress agency from India to create your website, as well as for WordPress support. India is the most important provider of IT Outsourcing services in the world and offers big cost savings thanks to the significant pay difference.

Outsourcing4work will provide you with an excellent WordPress agency from India on request, an agency who will offer you a comprehensive solution for your page, including performance and security optimisation. It is the same if you would like to implement a fixed price project, or time-based billing.

We offer all Outsourcing options and our project managers guarantee a professional implementation. You will not need to worry about any bureaucracy or legal uncertainty, as you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.