Remote work for more diversity in the job market

Find out here how remote work offers people with disabilities new opportunities in the job market. 

Work where and when you like. Live independently and still stay in contact with colleagues. Under the motto ‘Outsourcing4work – remote solutions’, we enable our employees to work remotely at any time and place. This model is also a new opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in the labor market. 

In the Work 4.0 trend – the term ‘New Work’ is on everyone’s lips 

Many skilled workers dream of more work-life balance, time and location-independent jobs, a self-determined way of working, and flat hierarchies. Thanks to digitization, we are one step closer to this dream. Virtual infrastructure and communication tools enable many jobs to work from anywhere in the world. 

The term work 4.0 describes changes in society and at work towards a networked, flexible, and digital job market. At Outsourcing4work, we have already been able to successfully implement a perspective that is still in the stars for many companies: Outsourcing4work became a Remote Guru company ten years ago. 

Home office: inclusion thanks to remote working 

That means maximum work-life balance for some is a new chance to participate for others. People with a disability or a chronic illness have a hard time in the conventional labor market. A full-time job in the company is usually equivalent to an 8-hour assignment in a certain location. This is often not possible with severe physical limitations. 

A remote job offers significantly more flexibility, the opportunity to work in your own four walls, and can therefore mean more equal opportunities on the job market for people with illnesses or disabilities. 

Get started digitally despite severe restrictions 

Why we know exactly what we are talking about: 

Our founder and CEO K. Nadeem Arif himself suffered a severe blow in 2007. He became terminally ill and has spent most of the time in bed since then. From there he restructured his IT and personnel services company from scratch and transformed our company into a pioneer for remote work. Today we employ more than 100 specialists from 17 countries around the world. 

Would you like to find out more about the opportunities digitalization offers for people with disabilities? 

In our webinar, we show how remote work works and what advantages it offers people with a handicap. 

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