A linux administrator

A good Linux administrator can be expensive. Professional management of Linux systems requires a lot of expertise and continuing further education to stay permanently on the ball. It is therefore no wonder that a Linux administrator also deserves a correspondingly high salary.

The trend of storing IT infrastructure in the cloud or in nearby data centres has also ensured an increasing demand for specialised Linux staff. The Linux servers or single computer system are then administered from afar, which is no problem thanks to the good networking capabilities and excellent user and rights administration. A remote Linux administrator as an affordable Outsourcing specialist is therefore a good chance to keep an eye on your costs, and to also have access to excellent expertise at the same time.

Linux administrator on call or as a full time employee.

The ways you can use an external Linux administrator are very versatile. There are many providers with different specialisations on the IT Outsourcing sector. If you are planning for complete management of your Linux system, then you are best to use an all-rounder with comprehensive knowledge in various areas. An external Linux administrator can also be used for setting up specific systems, for optimisation, tests or even just kept on call.

Linux admins are also frequently used for web server support. What we now call websites are complex PHP web applications that run server-side under Linux.

PHP dominates today’s internet as the leading technology for web applications, as shown by a glance at the right statistics. Today, about 82 percent of all web applications run on PHP. Worldwide, all hosting providers have built up and provide the so-called LAMP Stack as a standard package – meaning the combination ofLinux as an operation system, the open-source web server Apache, MySQL as server-side database software and PHP as the programming language./p>

If you do not want to use the expensive and inflexible managed hosting of this provider, you will need a qualified Linux administrator. If you use affordable Outsourcing employees, you can save a lot of money this way.

IaaS Linux administrator for the cloud

It is the same for the new trend of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud systems, where computer infrastructure can be rented virtually and freely scalable. Amazon offers corresponding services with its web services (AWS) and Microsoft is also in business with its Azure platform.

Microsoft also offers a wide range of Linux distributions under Azure with CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, SUSE Linux, Oracle Linux and openSUSE, which can be easily used online as a virtual server. If you use cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or AWS, a Linux administrator with appropriate knowledge of IaaS interfaces is the right choice so that the interaction between IaaS interfaces and Linux system works perfectly.

Affordable: a Linux administrator from India

If you are looking to use a remote Linux administrator for cost advantages and expertise, then you should look at an Indian provider. India is well-known for its excellently trained IT experts in all areas, and also has very low wage levels. The country is not the leading provider of IT Outsourcing services for nothing. More than 55% of all global IT Outsourcing activities are done in India.

Outsourcing4work is specialised in the procurement of these Indian IT professionals, and can easily find you a Linux administrator with excellent skills. This also applies to more exotic Linux distributions, which can be hard to find a professional for in Europe.

The size of the project does not matter – everything is possible with us, from a one-off service contract at a fixed price, up to long-term maintenance on an hourly basis. And as your European contract partners we will take over the responsibility for problem-free cooperation. We will take over the virtual project management with our own project managers who are trained in Scrum/Agile, and will ensure that an Indian Linux administrator will fit seamlessly into already existing workflows and teams.