Only professional XML Programmers

The text based data format XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a simplified form of SGML and a standard for created structured documents in the World Wide Web, or in the intranet of companies or organisations. In the meantime, XML can be found in the data format of software, a device or when exchanging data, and is applied to any possible documentation process.

XML developers have found a permanent place in today’s software development. They are the experts that corporate clients can’t do without when it comes to the interaction of various software systems or the data exchange between them.

Only professional XML developers offer the best service

You should place great importance on well-educated and experienced XML developers for professional IT projects, developers who set themselves apart with their reliability, speed and accuracy. No business can afford to use error-prone programs.

High quality XML developers are communicative and reliable. They understand that they are an integral part of your team as a specialist and developer, and one cannot do without the other. They know that their careful and speedy work is essential to the success of the project.

Let the specialists work for you!

As a client of Outsourcing4work you will benefit from a wide range of advantages that let you choose the right XML developer and lead your project to success.

These are the most important arguments for our business model Outsourcing made in germany.:

All contracts with our clients are in German or English and are based in the European legal system. This ensures your legal protection and puts us on the same legal level.

All of the XML developers we will suggest for specific projects are permanently employed at our partner companies in India, the world’s largest Outsourcing market. They are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge and experience in their field.

You will not need to take on any administrative or legal obligations when taking on an XML developer while the developer works reliably on your project. The selected developer will work for you as a responsible member of your team.

Your direct contact person will be our project manager in Europe, who will be available to you during normal business hours throughout the duration of your project. They will support you as needed. The project manager is familiar with the work of the XML developer and can inform you at any time on the status of their work.

A further advantage is reflected in the low cost structure that we at Outsourcing4work can offer you. You will only pay for the actual working time of the developer, and not for any breaks or downtime if you decide to hire an expert on an hourly basis. In addition, you can also choose between a complete project at a fixed price or hiring a dedicated employee. This lets us offer you transparency and clarity in the billing of our services.

Now it’s your turn!

Get in touch with us via email or telephone, and we will quickly inform you on how you can soon benefit from our offers and a highly skilled XML developer, all based on your specific needs!