Targeted WordPress support can save you stress and money when building and operating your own website. Usually even beginners are able to use the basic setup and operation, however, WordPress can has a few tricks which are usually only noticeable later.

WordPress’s enormous popularity is to blame – which is in fact its main strength. The content management system (CMS) which just a few years ago was only used by bloggers has now become the undisputed leader for websites. Did you know that 26% of all websites worldwide run on WordPress? This leads to a number of problems, which is normal for mass-produced products.

Why it makes sense to use professional WordPress support

WordPress suffers from more hacker attacks than any other CMS. The CMS is hacked 24% more often than other products. On reason for this is its high popularity, just like Windows or Android. Hackers specialise in mass-produced goods because the yield is usually much higher from automated attacks.

However, this doesn’t mean that WordPress is unsafe to use. The modular approach of the CMS can easily lead to security vulnerabilities for less experienced users. To operate WordPress securely you will need a solidly developed template as well as a number of security plugins. This includes basic things such as read and write permissions for critical files and directories on the web server.

The Panama papers demonstrate how devastating a hacker attack can be. According to the company Wordfence, a provider of security plugins for CMS, the legal office attacked used an insecure WordPress page with outdated plugins. It was then easy game for the attacker because the vulnerability had already been known about for a long time and was well documented.

WordPress support for optimal management

A professional plugin management is a must for a secure and reliable WordPress page. This should already begin at the start of creating the page because the functionality of WordPress is very limited from the ground up. For the same function there are often dozen of different extensions, but they are not all equally suited. This is then quickly shown in regular security-relevant updates of WordPress itself and the plugins.

In some cases it will take too long for a plugin developer to react to known vulnerabilities. Or they don’t react at all. An additional problem is that some plugins are suddenly no longer futher developed. If a basic web page function is affected, one might be tempted to continue using the old plugin due to a lack of alternatives or knowledge of how to solve the problem.

Continuous WordPress supports offers you the ability to continually optimise the security of the WordPress page and to optimise the performance. Some plugins will slowly bloat the database and will require a lot of server processing power to run.

WordPress support from India

With the right offshore providers from India timely or permanent WordPress support is not expensive. India is known as the world’s most important provider of IT Outsourcing services, and the country offers large savings opportunities due to the difference in pay.

Companies on the lookout for WordPress professionals like to use Indian web developers for cost reasons. The same services will cost significantly less, no matter if it is for website development or WordPress support.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with a professional WordPress support provider from India who will optimise the performance and security on your page, and can even permanently service it on request. If you would prefer to carry out a project at a fixed rate, or would like hourly billing, this is also possible. We offer all Outsourcing options and our project managers guarantee professional implementation. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.