Java programmers are highly sought after and well paid experts on the international IT market. For example, a German company can expect to pay around 60,000 euros per year for an experienced Java developer. (Source: At such a comparatively high investment, the company should also ensure that they can rely on their Java developer, and that the developer brings with them excellent, professional expertise. An excellent developer can make all the difference between a successful and less successful company. But how can a company find the perfect Java developer and what should the criteria be?

What qualifications should a Java developer have?

Because Java is a versatile language, a variety of applications can be implemented with it. These include apps for Android, Web applications, games, Office applications, communication programs and applets. An excellent Java developer should be familiar with the various types of applications and be able to implement them according to your needs. They should have, along with strong experience in Java, a basic understanding of software architecture. They should know how intuitive-to-use user interfaces are constructed and how a successful network communication runs. A qualified Java developer must therefore, first and foremost, be a good software developer who also knows Java.

Along with professional qualifications, Java developers are also expected to have soft skills. Since many applications must be developed in a team, a Java developer must be a team player. This is also especially true for offshore employees. For Java Outsourcing, regular and reliable agreements with other software developers are essential. A basic knowledge of project management and self-organisation should also be present.

Permanent employment, Outsourcing or freelancers?You choose!

When selecting your ideal Java developer, you should first define all your conditions, such as the financial resources and the time duration (project-based, short term or permanent). Using this information, you can then decide whether you want to rely on a full time employee, a freelancer or an offshore software developer. Lately, the tendency is to rely on freelancers. For a full-time employee, companies must not only pay a salary, but they must also pay social taxes and provide a working space for them. This is not necessary for an external Java developer.

Outsourcing Java projects has increased in the last years, because many companies want to focus exclusively on their core business. Software projects are therefore being outsourced. Another advantage is that Indian Java developers work for much lower rates than their European counterparts. This cost advantage is also a decisive competitive advantage for your company. Therefore, you should consider Outsourcing companies in your search for the perfect Java developer. Countries such as India offer a huge pool of qualified software developers which goes far beyond the human capital of countries in Europe.

Choose quality!

Since the title of Java Developer is not protected, you will find many professionals in software development who do not have any formal education and have taught themselves the programming language. It’s always recommended to ask to see their previous projects or work to assess the quality and the ability of the Java developer. It’s also common practice to be recommended a highly qualified software developer by word of mouth.

Ultimately, you should decide if you would like to use someone who has recently changed careers, an all-rounder or a Java specialist. It’s best to make this decision with regard to the project that you want to implement. And, of course, with regard to your financial resources.