Knowledgeable software testers

Software testers play an important role in software development. It is important to have knowledgeable software testers on your team in the development to ensure error-free and perfectly working software. These testers should work as closely to your development team as possible.

It is a huge mistake when companies compromise on the technical quality of the software tester, or don’t use software testers to their full potential. The best option is to outsource to a professional Indian software tester with many years of experience.

What a software tester should know

A good software tester will ensure that the code is programmed with the correct semantics, the performance complies with the requirements and the user experience is as close to the needs of the users as possible. They use test routines, tools and manual tests to guarantee it.

An experienced software tester will know the basics of the programming languages and the development environment used, and is trained in the use of appropriate tools. Mobile apps require different test routines than for web applications in HTML/PHP, or Windows applications developed with .NET.

If you are looking for a software tester, then you have surely heard of the relevant test tools for your niche. The infoportal Testtool Review maintains an extensive, searchable database where you might find additional interesting test tools. From test automation, test management and error and change management, up to test specification, load and performance test, continuous integration to code and coverage analysis – you will find around 150 tools for nearly everything possible. Since the manufacturers and distributors of the test software update the records themselves, Testtool Review is certainly a good starting point.

In addition to this knowledge, certification from the Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) will also let you be sure that the software tester is experienced in the general methods, and will know what to do in test scenarios.

And finally, just like in other job, professional references are a great way to learn about the software tester. These not only show the software tester’s knowledge, but also their teamwork ability and their professionalism. Since efficient cooperation is especially important for an Indian software tester who will be working over distance, experience with Scrum – Workflows and collaboration tools pays off.

India is full of professionals

An Indian software tester with years of experience is usually much more affordable than a European junior software developer. Using such experts in software development will lead to an increase in quality, as well as cost savings.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with an Indian software tester from India who you can hire for a fixed price for specific test work, or as a temporary employee in your team. We ensure optimal communication between all parties with our project managers who are experienced in Scrum/Agile, and efficient implementation of all test processes according to your exact instructions.