Indischer PHP Entwickler

PHP Outsourcing means you will no longer need to worry about the IT skills shortage, and you can save costs at the same time. Work in virtual teams has increased over the years, which has made it much easier to take advantage of PHP Outsourcing.

PHP Outsourcing is suitable in all possible ways for all possible scenarios. An external PHP developer can be easily hired for a specific task, or as reinforcement for an existing team of developers working on larger projects. You can also use PHP Outsourcing for the complete external implementation of projects.

India is at the forefront of PHP Outsourcing

Many companies like to use Indian software developers for PHP Outsourcing due to cost reasons and their high level of expertise. The numbers speak for themselves:

In Germany, for example, a PHP software developer with a computer science degree and three years experience will earn around €80,000 per year. This works out to be around €55 per hour. A German PHP freelancer is a bit more expensive at approximately €65 per hour.

In Indian you can find experienced and well-educated PHP developers as freelancers for as little as €20 per hour. In comparison to a PHP freelancer from Germany, this is not even a third of the rate. It is therefore even possible with PHP Outsourcing to India to hire a second PHP freelancer instead of just one, and still save money.

You will not need to compromise on quality, since the former British colony has invested in a technology-friendly education system and its booming IT sector for decades. In the meantime, India is at the forefront with nearly 3 million IT employees. Top companies in the IT sector built large sites in India many years ago for exactly this reason. IBM employs more than 150,000 people in India, Accenture 80,000 and Oracle more than 31,000.

PHP’s enormous popularity makes it easy to find an excellent PHP developer. In India there are numerous companies and freelancers specialised in offshore IT Outsourcing who are experienced in the specific requirements of collaboration over distance.

PHP Outsourcing the smart way

If you are interested in PHP Outsourcing to India, we can help you further. Outsourcing has already helped many clients in PHP Outsourcing to India, and worked on many projects. We can hire an experienced PHP developer for your important project as a temporary employee, at a fixed price or even an exclusive team, a branch (light), who will work exclusively for you.

And since you conclude contracts directly with us as a European company, you are always on the safe side. We will provide you with one of our project managers who work with Scrum/Agile, and who will ensure optimal implementation according to your requirements.