Usability tester from India

Usability testers are essential in the development process. A usability test checks if an application, app, website or other software product is suitable for the target user group. In contrast to code-based software tests, where many automatic processes play a role, usability testers focus on practical user experience.

Typically, these practical tests take place relatively late in the development process, and are conducted with alpha or beta versions. Since extreme changes at this stage of development are very time-consuming and expensive, and can significantly push back the release data, usability testers are very important.

Usability tester: the more the better

Usability testers need a lot of experience with the type of software being tested, and should be very familiar with the products of its main competitors. Their work is hampered by the relatively high amount of subjectivity they use to evaluate the software. Through a well-defined set of criteria with point scales and quality parameters, tests can be standardised to a certain extent, and then be statistically assessed.

If you use more than one usability tester – preferably in a large group – the results are more significant and are more understandable for the developers and product owners. Usability tests can also be combined with large focus groups, which through beta tests will increase the amount of quality feedback.

In every scenario realistic use tests are time-consuming and therefore expensive tasks. This means that they are unfortunately often omitted or only carried out to a small extent. There could also be a conflict of interest with the developers or project managers involved, whether out of a fear of delays, from criticism or a know-it-all attitude.

To receive uncompromising and open feedback, many companies prefer to use external usability testers through specialised providers. These are highly experienced thanks to their high expertise in the area, and can work more efficiently and affordably than a usability tester in a company.

Important criteria for a usability test

Although the exact test criteria will differ from product to product, there are a number of key factors for software usability. These should be at the centre of software design and development. Usability testers use them for control purposes to set the individual parameters and test criteria for specific tests.

  • Does the software meet a practical benefit?
  • Is the software able to be used intuitively?
  • Does the software respond quickly to input?
  • Are the quasi and official standards of the software type followed?
  • Is there useful/valuable feedback on input?
  • Is the user experience / operation consistent across all input masks?
  • Is the software reliable and professional?
  • Does it look good and work well?
  • Is it fun to use the software?

Usability testers are used for different software types from office software, to mobile apps up to interactive websites, and apply these meta-criteria to all of them.

Usability tester from India

If you have defined exactly how and to what extent you want to test your software’s usability, then you will not only save a load of money with an Indian usability testers, but will also increase the tests’ validity.

In the country known for its IT Outsourcing, qualified usability testers charge only a fraction of their counterparts’ rates in Europe. There is also a large selection of agencies which specialise in qualitative usability tests, which will perform usability tests on a larger scale, and will use focus groups if needed.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised usability tester from India for your exact software type. We then take care of proper test implementation and the corresponding reporting with our own project managers.

Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security, and minimise administration effort for you.