Auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Typo3 Entwickler?

Need a Typo3 developer? How to find an affordable provider

If a company is looking for a Typo3 developer then it is usually for a professional company homepage with extensive content. The content management system (CMS) is especially popular in the enterprise sector.

A global comparison of the most popular CMS shows that Typo3 is in sixth place. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal lead the list before Typo3, and the shop system Magento and Google’s are also in front of it. However, something to be considered: private individuals and simple blogs almost never use Typo3, which is of course reflected in the statistics.

Why Typo3 developers are sought after: WordPress vs. Typo3

Business clients know that Typo3 has access to a number of factors which let the CMS offer more than its competitors. In Typo3 developers have a particularly high quality of code which positively affects the performance, security and stability of a Typo3 websites. This is especially true in the back end, where Typo3 has a reduced susceptibility to problems.

But Typo3 is ahead of the game where security is concerned. A look at the exploit database Intelligent Exploit dramatically shows. There are currently hundreds of known exploits on WordPress which are listed on eight subpages. There are only 23 entries for Typo3.

If a Typo3 developer is needed it’s usually for security

One reason for this is the widespread use of WordPress, but thanks to its high code quality and a clearly defined modular design Typo3 generally has fewer attacks. While many Typo3 extensions are automatically protected against many security vulnerabilities, WordPress is an open door for hackers. SQL injections, XSS and CSRF attacks are just a few of the vulnerabilities that are actively used by bot systems.

Plugins are one of the biggest strengths and weaknesses at the same time for WordPress. No other CMS offers more extensions, but no other system is as dependent on them. A professional WordPress page can easily use more than 20 installed plugins. If these plugins are no longer further developed, vulnerabilities can quickly arise and the search for a replacement is very time-consuming.

Typo3 offers a better way for extensions: generally, only a few plugins from third party manufacturers are used. In addition, anyone who keeps to the predefined interfaces can keep their own and external extensions current with very little effort. In comparison to WordPress, Typo3 developers are usually needed to solve problems on existing sites.

As mentioned with the plugins, Typo3 brings more features from the ground up in comparison to WordPress. Multi-client capability, multilingualism, granular permissions, asset management, workflows/workspaces, scalable extensions are just a few of the features that Typo3 offers from the start. If you are looking for a Typo3 developer their profile is usually a bit different than a WordPress developer. While WordPress professionals need to be experienced in template customisation and extensions, a Typo3 developer will often need a deeper understanding of the basic CMS.

Find an affordable Typo3 developer

If you need a Typo3 developer, India is a good starting point. Outsourcing4work can provide you with excellent Typo3 professionals from India who will create a customised website for you.

No matter if you would like to have a single Typo3 developer as a temporary employee, or to realise a project at a fixed price – we position ourselves according to your needs, and can even provide a team that will work exclusively for you. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security. We then take care of the rest and guarantee professional implementation with our own project managers.