PLC developers are starting to become more highly sought after, especially in countries like Germany. Germany is a key location in the field of industrial production, even though many products are manufactured abroad.

If a company is looking for a PLC developer, then it is usually to develop software for the Programmable Logic Controller. Nowadays, these small devices are installed directly into machines and equipment, in contrast to the previously hardwired or connection programming control. These devices take over the management/control. PLC modules offer advantages thanks to their small size, and are often cheaper for simple automation tasks. The modular design used offers the typical advantages of a modular system: flexibility and extensibility, in addition to the cost savings for larger systems that comes from using many modules which are cheap to manufacture in large amounts.

Why a PLC developer is needed

Modules for PLC consist in the simplest case of inputs, outputs, a simple chip set with firmware and an interface for the use of software. If a PLC developer is needed then it is usually for the development or customisation of firmware (the operating system) and the programming in the control programs operating in the PLC.

Unlike software development for standardised platforms for PCs and mobile devices, a PLC developer must have a lot of experience with hardware oriented programming and hardware architecture. PLC software operates sensors, signals, status indicators/displays and actuators for mechanical movement. These can be simple devices such as switches, photoelectric sensors, incremental encoders or level sensors, while modules for drive controls are much more complex.

A PLC developer will need to be able to complete the following tasks, among others:

  • New and further development of integrated automation concepts in the field of special machines and constructing systems
  • Development of control technology applications/solutions
  • Development of PLC based control systems
  • Development of visualisation tools
  • Initial setup of machines and systems (partially on location with the customer)
  • Maintenance and remote maintenance of machines and systems online
  • Documentation

PLC developers usually studied mechanical engineering or electrical engineering and specialised in automation technology. Since the number of these graduates are very low in some countries, the supply of suitable graduates can’t keep up with demand. PLC developers are also quite expensive, which makes this field prime for Outsourcing.

There is a large number of excellently educated PLC developers in India, and they cost a fraction of the cost of their European counterparts. Hiring an Indian professional can be worthwhile for certain projects, even if they might have to travel to your country from time to time. However, if the project has been suitably defined, the programming work can be carried out almost entirely in India.

Looking for an Indian PLC developer? We can help

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