Outsourcing MS SQL developers in India

MS SQL developers are much harder to find in comparison to MySQL professionals. Recruiting one can be difficult and you will often need to make compromises when it comes to payment. Microsoft’s SQL server is still very popular, but only for large customers who appreciate the good interaction between different products and technologies of the software group.

Some of MS SQL Server’s larger customers include TÜV Nord, online betting company bwin and computer manufacturer Hewlett Packard (HP). The latter was able to sink the cost of reporting by a two-figure million sum according to its own data.

MS SQL developers and MySQL developers in comparison

Except in rare exceptions, MySQL runs on a LAMP Stack. MySQL developers and database admins must therefore be well-experienced in Linux and Apache environments, as well as PHP. Updates and optimisations of the complete system setup are important or the optimum operation of database services.

In contrast, an MS SQL developer will need to be experienced in the specifics of Windows Server and the .NET framework. In addition, they will need to know a lot about the interplay with other Microsoft software components. This is an especially important criterion when deciding to use MS SQL and not MySQL.

MS SQL also has some interesting characteristics in the set up and structure of its database. Although SQL is the language used for Microsoft SQL Server, programming knowledge in just this one language is not enough. A good MS SQL developer will also be experienced with a number of specific tools.

Special knowledge for MS SQL developers

  • Microsoft SQL Server can draw upon an import wizard for importing data, while in MySQL a converter and the ODBC interface are normally used.
  • A Microsoft SQL Server Developer must be familiar with the SQL Server logs. In SQL servers all requests are logged by default, which results in extensive data.
  • The configuration, administration and further development requires a fundamentally different approach from a Microsoft SQL Server developer. Queries are performed with Transact-SQL, a proprietary extension of SQL standards from Microsoft. To set up database access, you will need to have basic knowledge of the ADO.NET classes.

These are just three small examples of some differences between the know-how of both SQL approaches. Although there are Full Stack developers who are experienced in both worlds, it is usually best to use a specialised MS SQL developer.

MS SQL developers from India

Outsourcing4work can provide you with an experienced MS SQL developer from India, one who is very affordable due to the lower wage levels. Thanks to this cost savings even complex SQL projects become affordable, and the otherwise lengthy search for a worker is not as bad.

You can easily find a highly-qualified MS SQL developer in the IT nation India, someone who has proven themselves in many international projects and are also experienced in Microsoft SQL Server and the entire .NET technology group.

Outsourcing4work can help you find experts such as these, and will also take over the coordination with our Scrum project managers. As our client, you will also not need to worry about any legalities or tax-related bureaucracy: you conclude the contract with us as a European company. We then take care of the rest.