Magento Mainenance is not expensive now

Regular Magento maintenance for online shops based on Magento is an important and complex task. It is not enough to simply set up an online shop and maintain a product catalogue if you would like to be permanently successful in e-commerce.

The business model of the Magento manufacturing company is not limited to the further development of the shop software alone, but especially focuses on a subscription model for Magento Enterprise Edition, which includes a round the clock support for security and technical problems. This makes Magento maintenance easier, an advantage that is missing from the free Magento Community Edition.

Magento maintenance: security at its focus

The market dominant position of Magento – the software runs on more than one percent of all websites and is among the top 5 of content management systems – has made the shop system a target of hacker attacks. Once a vulnerability has been found, it can be exploited on a number of online stores.

Security therefore plays an important role in Magento maintenance. Magento releases security updates and patches very often in order to:

  • fix errors and bugs
  • fix newly discovered vulnerabilities
  • meet new HTML/web standards
  • increase the ease of use through new features

With almost every security update the vulnerabilities that are known and usable for hackers are addressed. Continuous Magento maintenance can significantly shorten the time between the release and installation of security updates, and therefore the window of opportunity for potential attacks.

Magento maintenance: continual tasks

When installing updates it can lead to compatibility problems between the Magento template and the add-on modules. Professional Magento maintenance is not only limited to installing updates, but also to take care of any problems that suddenly arise. A normal webmaster will quickly be overwhelmed if they do not have the right skills.

To be able to quickly respond to sudden failures, Magento maintenance should always include a backup of the complete shop system, and the PHP database. Thanks to automatic downtime monitoring and corresponding contingency plans, a Magento maintenance provider can provide advanced services to be activated independently and immediately in case of emergency.

Magento maintenance from India

A service subscription in Europe for regular and automatic Magento maintenance is very expensive. If you use an Indian offshore provider instead, then you will not only save money, but additional services become affordable.

The shop interface’s market leader position means that you can find a qualified provider for Magento maintenance all over the world – and also in India. Many of the providers specialised in IT Outsourcing in India have many years of experience with offshore clients, which makes collaboration much easier.

Magento Certifications also help in the selection of a knowledgeable Indian provider. Together with the personal references of the Magento maintenance service provider, they make it easy to recognise a provider’s expertise.

Outsourcing4work is happy to help you further with Magento maintenance. We can easily provide you with the right Magento specialist for your personal situation.

Our services are not limited to only searching for an Indian provider, but we will also help you in the implementation of projects and will take over the complete responsibility for you as your European contract partner.

We will take communication and technical control into our hands with our own Scrum/Agile project managers.