Qualifizierter IT-Programmierer

It’s no easy task to find a suitable IT programmer. In addition to expertise in one or more programming languages, they are also specialised in specific types of software and development tools. Their backgrounds are also usually very different, and not comparable at first glance.

Then you have the high salary demands. IT programmers are very aware of their good skills and the high demand, and are therefore very expensive. As you surely already know, there has been a growing IT skills shortage for years. The German information and telecommunications industry BITKOM identified 43,000 vacant posts for IT specialists in 2015, which means that the shortage has become even worse in comparison to the previous year.

As BITKOM shows, currently 60% of all IT companies are reporting a lack of IT professionals. More than every second one has been affected. One year ago this figure was 54%, and the majority of the companies asked assume that the IT skills shortage will become even worse in the coming years.

IT programmers with high salaries

In Germany, for example, salaries have not yet reached the level of the USA. In comparison to what a German IT programmer will need to invest in their education, many of them are relatively better off.

A typical salary for a PHP developer with three years of experience and a computer science degree is €60,000 in Germany. IT programmers for other popular languages such as C++, Python or Java earn at least €10,000 more per year.  A comparison of Gooroo Insights page offers an interesting breakdown of the salary differences between the different languages.

India as an Outsourcing goal

Companies are dealing with the shortage and the rises prices by Outsourcing software development, and India is the big winner in this trend. The country has a relatively low salary level, and thanks to its high population and many years of investment into tech-savvy training, has a large pool of IT programmers. Many of them work as IT professionals for international clients, which has brought India into the top spot on the global IT Outsourcing market. 55% of all offshore Outsourcing services in the IT field come from India.

How to find an Indian IT programmer

If you want to use the cost advantages of the excellent knowledge of an Indian IT programmer, we can help you.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with an IT programmer for every possible language and development environment. Thanks to our extensive network with many professional providers, we can easily find the right professionals for your project. You can hire Indian IT professionals for a project at a fixed price, or as temporary employees. Teams of multiple software developers who work exclusively for you are also possible.

With our project managers from Europe who specialise in Agile, Scrum and Kanban, we will take over the entire coordination for you. You conclude the contracts directly with us as a European company for your security, and are not dependent on the reliability of an Indian partner. You can be sure that your Outsourcing to India will proceed exactly as you imagine.