IT outsourcing in India

For many IT companies, one thing is clear: they want to profit from IT Outsourcing.

But which country is best suited for this? Ukraine, along with China, Argentina, and the Philippines, is a new supplier of IT staff. On the other hand, India has long been known for its highly skilled Indian developers, so much so that even Microsoft relies on this country. Which is the best country and Outsourcing service provider to choose?


The advantages of IT Outsourcing for German companies

How can German companies benefit from IT Outsourcing? Outsourcing will bring you efficiency and flexibility because most companies cannot cover the whole programming area themselves. The technical requirements are very complex, so help from abroad is welcome.

You will save time and money. There are no taxes for a fixed salary in Germany and there are no expenses for further training or commissions. These points, in turn, help you increase your sales and retain satisfied customers in the long term.

The programming is done in a shorter time because it is carried out by several software developers from abroad. The finished software projects can therefore be made available to your customers more quickly. Thus, your company’s competitiveness increases, and at the same time, you create free space for more growth.

Advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine has received more and more attention as an Outsourcing country in recent years. At first glance, having an IT service partner directly in another European country seems attractive.

However, there are also disadvantages to Outsourcing to Ukraine. For example, the programmers’ English skills are usually not very good, which can lead to challenges in communication. This is because entrepreneurs in Germany rarely speak Russian or Ukrainian. Under these circumstances, communication between the two cultures may not always go smoothly.

Programmers usually have a good education in mathematics and physics to tackle technically difficult tasks well. However, the language skills aspect can make cooperation much more difficult. Accordingly, in the best case, project work in Ukraine should be supervised by an in-house employee with the relevant language skills. However, this adds another hurdle to fast and efficient work.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing to India

India is among the top choices when it comes to Outsourcing for large companies like Microsoft. There are many good reasons for this. Hourly wages are much lower than in the U.S. or Germany, and there are many highly skilled IT professionals. The Indian government is investing financial resources to promote economic growth. Thus, the country’s economic conditions have stabilized and the IT infrastructure is highly developed.

In addition, India is a country that offers the necessary experience and consistency. For more than 20 years, companies in Europe and the USA have benefited from Indian IT specialists. In the meantime, many back-office solutions are offered in addition to IT services.

English is taught early in school in India. You will have no difficulty communicating with IT staff in English. A small disadvantage is the time difference of 3.5 hours to Germany. However, with good planning, meetings and conferences can be easily scheduled and organized.


Outsourcing4work a German contract partner for IT Outsourcing

One of the most important points for success in Indo-German cooperation is a German contractual partner at your side – Outsourcing4work- remote solutions.

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