Professioneller Helpdesk Support aus Indien

You can offer your customers uninterrupted customer support with a helpdesk in India, as well as keep costs under control.

Whether for a global online business is a traditional business with international customers – a professional helpdesk is important for high customer satisfaction. This applies to both B2C and B2B companies. If you shy away from the high cost of professional customer service, you will fare much better with an affordable offshore helpdesk in India instead doing away with it all together.

Helpdesk in English: no problem in India

In India there is a number of professional call centre operators and Outsourcing support providers who provide customised helpdesk services to international clients.

You can hire the appropriate number of staff for the time window you want depending on your needs and integrate your own ticket system for customer inquiries.

Ideally, you will create a set catalogue with typical problems and solutions for the helpdesk provider, which means a large part of the questions can be answered directly by the service provider in India. Any queries which go beyond this can be escalated to a local service team.

Through skilful division of labour and cooperation with the Indian helpdesk employees in India you can significantly reduce the number of queries for your own employees. The helpdesk not only filters and orders the support questions, it also performs important filter functions for usual and repeating requests.

You clients can enjoy immediate response by telephone or email. You certainly are aware how infuriating it can be to get a very late response to your query, or even none at all. Automated emails or telephone computers are a bad compromise, because it’s rare to offer a real solution here.

Even if a helpdesk outsourced to India isn’t able to deliver the right answer in every case, your customers are sure to appreciate a personal and fast first response.

Helpdesk Outsourcing without any risk

Outsourcing4work can help you build a helpdesk in India according to your exact specifications. We have been working together with a variety of professional Outsourcing providers in India for years and have the necessary expertise and excellent contacts.

We are not a pure provider and do not leave you alone to find your way yourself, but instead ensure proper implementation according to your requirements with our project managers. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security.