Dynamics CRM Entwickler für maßgeschneiderte CRM-Systeme

Dynamics CRM developers create tailor-made CRM systems on a large scale for Microsoft’s well-known Customer Relationship Management software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM belongs to a group of business software products that are bundled together under the Dynamics brand name on the Microsoft .NET developer platform. Dynamics CRM developers use the developer essentials provided by Microsoft, as well as the Visual Studio development environment. Thanks to the .NET platform, the CRM software is also open to many other programming languages and external platforms.

A Dynamics CRM developer must know these basics and functions

Microsoft Dynamics offers a rich set of basic features, but can be adapted very easily to suit individual needs. The software is either hosted by Microsoft via Dynamics CRM Online in the cloud, or individually on private servers. A trained Dynamics CRM developer can set this up, but should also have additional experience in Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server and Active Directory.

Once the software has been installed, Dynamics CRM can cover a large number of communication tasks. These include, among others:

  • Administrative processes: managing appointments, contract management, budget planning
  • Customer administration along with telephony connection
  • Multi-channel campaign management via the internet and social media
  • Planning tools and campaign templates
  • Team workflow management with customised access rights
  • Collaborative social media features
  • Continuous clean-up and maintenance of contact databases
  • Analysis and statistics features such as customer segmentation, target groups and customer value analysis, pipeline performance analysis and forecasts

A Dynamics CRM developer is responsible for the establishment, development and maintenance of a customised CRM system. In addition to technical knowledge, they also need to thoroughly understand the business needs of their client. They often first use a requirement/process analysis and cost estimate to achieve a successful conception and architecture.

Implementation requires in-depth knowledge of Visual Studio, .NET and C#. JavaScript skills are also a must, and good understanding of the operation and use of Microsoft SQL Server.

A Dynamics CRM developer’s usual tasks include creating and customising entities,fields, forms, views, charts and dashboards, establishing field security and access groups, matching CRM business processes and implementing database queries.

A Dynamics CRM developer will also realise additional features and applications in addition to GUI-based custom installations to custom server-side code and client-side scripts.

Requirements for a Dynamics CRM developer

A .NET developer with experience in several languages and lots of programming skills is not necessarily a good Dynamics CRM developer. Luckily, there is a wide range of official Microsoft certifications which allow you to find a suitably qualified employee. Microsoft offers a total of 14 different modules and certifications for Dynamics CRM, from deployment, to installation and configuration, up to designing individual applications.

Some of these certifications are for older versions, so make sure that when you are looking for a suitable Dynamics CRM developer you ensure they have experience in the version you need. The title of Dynamics CRM developers alone says nothing.

In addition to technical expertise, a Dynamics CRM developer should also have experience with similar-sized companies from the same sector as the requirements in the media industry are very different from those in e-commerce or manufacturing. Each industry has its own needs and requires different CRM solutions.

Dynamics CRM developers

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