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Nowadays, database developers are needed in nearly every company with modern IT. In the age of big data, collecting and processing large amounts of data plays a huge role. Thanks to modern database systems many processes can be optimised, decisions made easier and new approaches implemented – whether user data, product data, website data or parameter data for complex systems like the weather and climate research.

To manage large amounts of data as efficiently as possible, and to be able to evaluate it quickly with intelligent queries, individually applied solutions are in demand. There is a wide range of different server-side software solutions which are individually set up, optimised and maintained by specialised database developers.

These database developers ensure seamless integration into existing IT, and provide interfaces as well as input and query masks that let end users or other software specifically access the available data. Here is a short overview of the most important database systems:

Oracle RDBMS (relational database management system)

Oracle Enterprise Server is the current leading database solution for very large and complex systems, which distributes the database on a cluster of many single servers in the framework of grid computing. Oracle’s clients include international corporations, governments and other institutions which need to process a very large amount of data in real time. Some examples include monitoring stations for air traffic, the military, logistics service providers or even large infrastructure providers such as telecom or electric companies. An Oracle database administrator therefore needs to be thoroughly trained and plays in the premier league.


IBM DB2 is a further established relational database for very large database projects. Unlike Oracle, availability and scalability via clustering are not the main focus, but rather efficient integration into the typically heterogeneous IT landscape of corporations. IBM DB2 simplifies the installation, upgrade and migration of company data, and the linking of products from other manufacturers with an easily understandable toolset.


MySQL is the most widely used database software for web applications as part of the LAMP Stack. It is the standard database for PHP software in content management systems like WordPress, online shop software and web based business applications. MySQL database developers are always in demand when web applications need to be optimised for high availability and access numbers. Large IT companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe or Alcatel Lucent also use MySQL.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL database developers for large corporations often require a somewhat different profile than traditional MySQL professionals. Microsoft’s relational database management system runs on Windows and has a range of special features that rely on an excellent connection to other Microsoft software. Therefore, a Microsoft SQL database developer knows the .NET framework very well. Queries are performed with Transact-SQL, a proprietary extension of SQL standards from Microsoft. To set up database access, you will need to have basic knowledge of the ADO.NET classes.

Outsourcing: how to find a database developer

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