Indian computer games developers

Computer games developers take on many different tasks in game development. Different to traditional software development, in computer games the aesthetic, humour, originality and sound and image quality play a key role. This leads to a different development process than in normal apps or application programs, and also leads to specialisations that only exist in game development. Some of these tasks can be easily outsourced to affordable professionals, such as those in India.

Computer games developer is a generic term

If you are talking about a computer games developer you are speaking generically about a person who is involved in the creation of computer games. Usually there is a distinction made between the following areas which are grouped together under the term computer games developer.

Game producers take care of the organisation and the financing of a game project. They are the main person responsible for a game title, just like producers in the film industry.

A game designer is in charge of the most important creative work, and can roughly be compared to a director for a film. They set the content of the game, the game play and the feel.

A game developer takes care of the technical implementation with the help of a game engine, a type of development environment for the creation of computer games which has special graphics capabilities. C++ is often used as a programming language. The most widely used 3D engines are CryEngine, Unity Engine and Unreal Engine, but many game studios use their own developments as well.

Game graphic designers design all of the visuals and frames in the game.  A special group of game graphic designers are modellers, which create spatial objects with the help of special modelling software.

Composers are not really computer game developers, but are still associated with it. They provide the background music once the various stages or sequences are done.

Sound designers make the soundscape and the many hundreds or even thousands of noises and sound effects to create a lively atmosphere in the gameplay.

Most computer games work with sequences, missions, worlds or levels which are created by level designers. They use the material supplied by games graphic artists, sound designers and developers to create the entire whole and follow the specifications of the game designer.

Indian computer games developers at low rates

The gaming sector is booming in the IT nation of India. European clients can benefit from the significantly lower rates for their own game projects. If you are interested in your own computer games developer from India, you can let your game project be completely realised in India, or you can selectively hire Indian specialists to shoulder some of the burden from your own development team. Sound designer, level designer or graphic designer tasks are especially well-suited to Outsourcing.

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