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An Excel developer is always needed in everyday office life if a complex project that goes above and beyond normal Excel work needs to be created. Rather than using an employee with good Excel skills to take on the arduous task of creating the Excel files, it’s better to hand over this work to a specialised Excel developer. This is not only cheaper, but also faster. An Excel developer sets themselves apart with their special expertise which can only be gained through years of experience.

What Excel developers have to offer

An important discipline for an Excel developer are macros that use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a scripting language developed by Microsoft for the Office Suite which automates processes.

Excel VBA macros let you automatically generate documents based on existing data, create an input mask for your employees which automatically enters data into the most important tables, automate accounting functions or run a web query at the click of the mouse.

Excel developers also often create Excel calculators for their clients, such as Excel price calculators, Excel tariff calculators or Excel costs calculators, which prevent errors during entry, and facilitate repetitive calculations. A classic case is operating cost statements. Excel calculators improve process delegation and thus usually save on time and costs.

You can also hire an Excel developer to create professional Excel templates and Excel forms. Excel templates are used for calculations, invoices, offers and other types of folders. These are very useful when combined with macros, and let you facilitate the entry of standardised data into templates, which then minimises errors and reduces time spent on Excel to a minimum.

It’s exactly the same for Excel forms. Automated input assistants such as selection lists or calendars will quickly become popular among your employees or business partners. A attractive design will also improve Excel’s popularity as a work tool, in contrast to tables which are complex or overloaded.

With the help of automatic visualisation tools an Excel developer can create a standard tool box for you which you can then use to illustrate complex data which is spread across many files and tables. This saves you a huge amount of time, especially for recurring weekly or monthly reports.

Excel developers for C# and .NET development

An Excel developer can also provide other add-ins or interfaces to better connect your Excel databases with other work tools and to further simplify use. Add-ins have the advantage that they can be incorporated with your controls in the Office Menu group and offer your own user interface as a standalone software. Excel developers normally use the .NET framework for programming.

Excel interfaces generally come without their own user interface and develop table calculations by the use of unsupported data sources, which are then automatically read.

Excel developers from India

If you are looking for an experienced Excel developer who is not only experienced in complex tables and forms, but also in macros and .NET programming, they do not need to be expensive. Indian Excel developers have an excellent reputation as Outsourcing professionals and have proven themselves in many international projects.

Outsourcing4work is happy to provide you with a suitable Excel developer to bring your Excel operations up to speed. To ensure that the cooperation over distance is problem-free, our experienced project managers will coordinate all the details for you. You conclude the contract with us as a European country which guarantees proper implementation.