The main reasons to outsource to India

The reasons to outsource are similar for many clients. Many companies would prefer to concentrate on their core competencies, and hand over specific IT areas to external specialists. The entire world has come to realise that there are many reasons to outsource to India.

The main reasons to outsource to India

Although other factors also play a large role, cost savings is one of the most important reasons to outsource. Indian software developers and other professionals have an almost unbeatable advantage in comparison to Outsourcing providers in other countries.  The cost of living in the emerging nation is significantly lower than anywhere else, and the large population gives India a leg up on the competition on the market.

Directly comparing it to Germany provides interesting results.  An employer in Germany will need to pay nearly €60,000 per year for a PHP developer with a computer science degree and three years’ experience. This works out to be around €55 per hour. A German PHP freelancer is more expensive, costing around €65 per hour.

A comparable Indian PHP developer with a similar profile can be hired for €20 an hour. It is cheaper to hire two Indian PHP developers on a long-term basis than it is to permanently employ a German developer.

Another reason why many companies like to use Outsourcing partners in this country is the fact that the Indian professionals are very highly skilled. The Indian IT sector has been booming for many years. The former British colony began investing in a technology-friendly education system decades ago, and is now one of the global leaders with around 3 million IT employees. Top companies in the IT sector built large sites in India many years ago. IBM employs more than 150,000 people in India, Accenture 80,000 and Oracle more than 31,000.

Experience in international cooperation

IT expertise does not know borders. There are companies specialised in offshore IT Outsourcing with hundreds or even thousands of employees in India who specialised in the specific needs of long-distance cooperation.  Indian professionals currently hold more than 55% of the global Outsourcing market thanks to their high professionalism. This is one of the most important reasons to outsource to Indian for clients who do not want to take on any risks.

English as a second language

India’s colonial past is a strong advantage for India. Indian IT professionals often come from the middle or upper class and speak English as a second language, and even went to English-language schools and universities. This is great for easy communication, especially in complex situations. This is a point where highly qualified IT professionals from China or other countries cannot compete.

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