India as a cost savings opportunity

Outsourcing, Europe, India – if you think of huge cost savings and English speaking IT professionals, then you are correct.

The offshore Outsourcing sector has grown strongly over the last ten years, and India has created a key position for itself.

The Asian country currently holds a considerable share of 55% of the international Outsourcing market. International clients can appreciate excellent English language skills in comparison to its largest competitor, China, as well as a relatively non-bureaucratic management.

Even large corporations have been active here for a longer period of time, especially in the field of IT Outsourcing. Europe began this process a bit later, but it is now also taking part in it. SAP has over 4,500 employees at its own Indian location. US corporations are a bit further along: IBM employs more than 150,000 Indian employees, Accenture 80,000 and even the software giant Oracle is well represented with 80,000 employees.

IT Outsourcing: Europe can benefit especially well

Even small and mid-sized enterprises that don’t want or can’t have their own Indian IT location are becoming more and more interested in the cost benefits of IT Outsourcing. Europe is an important partner company thanks to its broad-based middle class, and its relative closeness to India.

The entire field of software development is a typical area for Indian IT professionals: PayScale, a global statistics service for salaries states that an average annual salary for an Indian software developer comes to just over $5,000, and only about 10% earn more than $10,000. In countries in Europe you will pay about five times that.

India offers a high amount of highly professional providers in all areas of software development. Whether web development for small websites, game developers, COBOL experts, or Indian app developers for professional cross platform projects for major customers – in India you will find a professional for all imaginable niches with international experience.

English is an important factor

Indian IT professionals often come from the middle or upper class and speak English as a second language, and even went to English-language schools and universities. This will facilitate communication, as exchanging online productivity and communication tolls in an important part of offshore Outsourcing. English is an important working language for many companies in Europe.

Outsourcing Germany – implementation India

Outsourcing4work has specialised in this exact area, and provides professional Indian specialists to European companies. To make development as easy as possible for our clients, we do not limit ourselves to being a pure service provider.

As our client, you conclude the contract with us as a European company, and our own project managers and Indian employees reliably realise your project. Our models are set according to the needs of the client: clients can choose between projects at a fixed prices, temporary employees, dedicated employees or even entire teams with multiple IT professionals.