Interested in Android app development?

Interested in Android app development?  India has a lot to offer as a popular Outsourcing market. The country, known for its well-trained IT professionals, has built up a large sector with app developers who help international clients realise their ideas affordably.

This is not limited to Android app development, however. India is also a good starting place for iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or web app projects.

Android app development: India in second place

Android is very strongly connected to Google. The search giant sees Android as a strategic part of its global supremacy among IT companies. The United States is therefore not without reason the leader in Android app development. India entered place two a few years ago, and has been consistently reducing the distance.

An Android app developer works primarily with the programming languages JAVA, C++ and PHP. Since Android is still quite young, many Android app developers have already had many years of experience with these languages and only later acquired the necessary additional knowledge for Android apps.

These factors, and the low-cost entry – both in terms of test hardware, as well as the numerous available free development tools for Android – facilitated India’s fast rise in software Outsourcing.

Outsourcing app development – India is closer than you think

You can realise your Android app project affordably with Indian professionals with Outsourcing4work. Take advantage of the large cost benefits in offshore Outsourcing app development. India is not as far away as you think, not with our help.

We are not the kind of Outsourcing provider who will leave you alone with the app developer. Instead, you sign the contract with us as a European company, and will receive one of our project managers to stay by your side and coordinate the app project for you. This lets you combine the cost advantages of Outsourcing to India, with European reliability and legal certainty.

We will provide you with an excellent Android app developer either as a temporary employee or for a fixed-price project, depending on your needs. And if it is an especially complex app project, you can also hire an entire team of Android developers as a branch (light) with our help.