The games industry has been one of the fastest growing entertainment industries worldwide for years. Increasingly powerful hardware and new business fields in smartphone and tablet games have given the industry its drive.

The profession of game developer has now established itself and there are always small and large studios who are desperately looking for employees.

In fact, game developer is not really a job title, but rather a collective term for the varied tasks in game development.

There is a difference between producers, game designers, developers and graphic artists as a main profession. Graphic designers, level designers, sound designers and authors also belong to the group of game developer.

Game developers have a special profile

The development process of a computer game can take anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on its complexity. In any case, it is very expensive and requires endless resources.

Different to traditional software development, in computer games the aesthetic, originality and the sound and image quality play a key role. The development process is therefore not only based on purpose and efficiency criteria. It is much more important to keep the customer’s subsequent enjoyment in mind.

A game producer is often faced with the very difficult task of weighing up the costs and effort for the areas of development. Imagine a very successful action game with mediocre sound effects or voiceovers. Or they cut costs on the program code and the otherwise perfect game constantly crashes.

One solution is to use external game developers for specific tasks.

To keep costs in check, hand over some less critical tasks to an external game developer. Certain tasks are perfectly suited to graphic designers, level designers or sound designers.

For 3D games you can externally buy textures for specific objects rather than create them expensively in your own studio. Or sound effects for a mobile puzzle game and additional levels which only need to be clicked together from existing elements.

Indian game developers save on costs

Even in India a growing community of game developers has established itself. There are countless company-owned studios and many experts with a good portfolio of already created games. This opens new possibilities for European studios to outsource certain activities at low cost.

If you are looking to cut costs on your game project, consider which tasks you could possibly give over. At Outsourcing4work we provide you with suitable Indian game developers on request.

Thanks to our excellent contacts we can draw on a large pool of highly qualified game developers in India. They will be integrated into your ongoing project with our help and you will save money that you can put towards other uses. You won’t run into any contractual or payment issues as you will conclude your contract directly with a European company.

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